Another 10 Fantastic Treasure Hunt Activities in Central Europe

Another 10 Fantastic Treasure Hunt Activities in Central Europe

Discover a new way to explore the beauty of Central Europe through these exciting treasure hunt team building programs. They're a blend of thrill, mystery, camaraderie, and learning about the cultural and historical heritage of the region.

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Author: Jiří Zmidloch

Treasure Hunt Pálava

Set in the beautiful landscapes of Pálava, this treasure hunt offers an unforgettable adventure. Teams navigate the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve using tablets with GPS, solving tricky riddles and puzzles. You'll uncover hidden gems and the rich history of this picturesque region. Learn More

Treasure Hunt Tábor

Take an exciting journey through Tábor, a historical city with a rich Hussite tradition. This teambuilding experience combines mystery, fun and knowledge as you navigate through the medieval lanes and squares of the city. Learn More

Treasure Hunt Valtice

The Baroque beauty of Valtice is the setting for this engaging treasure hunt. Teams navigate the majestic Valtice Chateau and the surrounding UNESCO-listed landscape, uncovering the region's winemaking heritage along the way. Learn More

Treasure Hunt Pilsen

Known as the birthplace of Pilsner beer, Pilsen is a city teeming with history. This treasure hunt teambuilding leads participants through a maze of historical sites and beer traditions, with a generous dose of fun and learning. Learn More

Treasure Hunt Jedovnice

Set amidst the beautiful Moravian Karst, this treasure hunt takes you on an exploration of the nature and history of Jedovnice. Solve intriguing puzzles while navigating through unique natural formations and historical monuments. Learn More

Treasure Hunt Kroměříž

Explore the charming town of Kroměříž through this intriguing treasure hunt. Navigate through the UNESCO-listed Kroměříž Chateau and Gardens while solving riddles and learning about the cultural significance of this Baroque gem. Learn More

Treasure Hunt Zaječí

This treasure hunt in Zaječí uncovers the rich winemaking traditions of this Moravian region. Teams navigate through the vineyards and wine cellars, solving puzzles and learning about the regional viticulture. Learn More

Treasure Hunt Polička

Delve into the historical charm of Polička through this exciting treasure hunt. Navigate through medieval fortifications, solving riddles and puzzles while discovering the heritage of this Bohemian town. Learn More

Treasure Hunt Žilina

Set in the stunning city of Žilina, Slovakia, this treasure hunt is a blend of history, culture, and adventure. Navigate through the city's prominent landmarks while unveiling the city's rich historical heritage. Learn More

Treasure Hunt Telč

Rounding out our list is the treasure hunt in the picturesque town of Telč. Explore this town with its stunning historic core listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Engage in this team adventure filled with mysteries and riddles that will take you through charming lanes as well as the fascinating history of the town. Learn More

Unforgettable adventure in Central Europe

This compilation of treasure hunts brings to light the diverse cultures, rich history, and stunning landscapes of Central Europe. Whether it's for team building, corporate events, or a group of friends looking for adventure, these treasure hunts promise an unforgettable experience.

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