Asian demons are not just terrifying, but also extremely dangerous

Asian demons are not just terrifying, but also extremely dangerous

Various ghosts, spirits, and demons are an integral part of the folklore of almost every Asian country. These beings not only haunt the living but often harm them as well.

In this article, we will shed light on a few of these entities.

Author: Tomáš Bajgar


The Kappa can be described as a Japanese variant of the classic water sprite. Unlike its more whimsical counterpart, the Kappa lacks a cute green frock and human features, resembling more a combination of a large turtle and a monkey.

Kappas typically dwell near rivers, ponds, and dams. These creatures are known for their fondness for cucumbers but do not shy away from human flesh.

They usually lie in wait in the water, pulling their unsuspecting victims under to feast upon them.


Oni are traditional Japanese demons with a particularly terrifying appearance. They are characterized by rough skin and large horns. However, not all Oni look the same.

Their appearance varies across different parts of Japan, but none could be described as attractive.

These demons are often associated with hell, tasked with its protection. Sometimes they also punish criminals and those who engage in immoral acts. Oni are prevalent in Japanese literature, films, and games.


These demonic beings hail from Hindu mythology and can take various forms. Some appear more animal-like, while others resemble humans. Rakshasas are mainly known for their extreme cruelty.

In many Indian epics, Rakshasas oppose even the gods, leading to frequent conflicts.


Yürei are not strictly demons but are more akin to spirits. They are commonly depicted as figures with pale skin, and in the case of female Yürei, with long, flowing hair, often wearing traditional kimonos.

Yürei typically haunt the locations of their deaths, particularly pursuing individuals connected to their demise.

In Japan, rituals are commonly performed to prevent the souls of the deceased from transforming into Yürei.


The Krasue originates from Southeast Asia and appears as a levitating head of a young woman, from which dangle the entrails. This entity roams the world in this form only at night, hunting for food.

Krasue may feed on livestock but is particularly drawn to pregnant women.

The Krasue also has the rest of its body, which it rejoins with usually before dawn. If it fails to reunite with its body by sunrise, it dies. During the day, this demon is indistinguishable from ordinary people.


Never Want to Meet

Asian demons come in many forms, and it's generally agreed that encountering any of them would be an unwelcome experience. However, many of these entities feature in numerous horror films.

For those interested in learning about Asian demons in an entertaining way, watching related movies is an option.