The best streaming services of 2022

The best streaming services of 2022

Fewer people are watching standard television channels today. Streaming platforms, which offer a range of benefits for relatively reasonable prices, are much more interesting.

However, not all of them will suit everyone. But usually, a person can choose at least one. It is not necessary to browse the offer of all services on the Czech market.

It is enough to focus on the most popular ones.

Author: Tomáš Bajgar


The most popular streaming service coming purely from Czech lands is undoubtedly Voyo. For years, it has only provided content from the Nova TV station to its subscribers.

Therefore, those who liked shows such as Ulice or Ordinace v růžové zahradě (Street or Clinic in the Rose Garden) were in luck. But for others, it was not much.

In recent years, however, Voyo has been adding not only programs from the production of Nova television, but also a range of interesting foreign series and films.

Additionally, almost all content is available either in Czech or at least with Czech subtitles, which is not a given.

For some, the absence of new foreign titles may be problematic. Whoever expects real audiovisual treats of today from Voyo will undoubtedly be disappointed.

But for older people who can't do without Czech classics, Voyo may be just right.


Still the king of streaming services. Netflix is more or less the pioneer of this type of entertainment, and therefore it is no wonder that it currently has the largest audiovisual library, which includes thousands and thousands of titles.

Fans of grandiose films and documentarians will all find something to their liking.

Many people subscribe to Netflix mainly because of series like The Witcher, Stranger Things, or Money Heist. However, Netflix is often criticized for the difficult search for content and the absence of Czech localization for many titles.

For some, the price of 319 CZK for 4K resolution may also be an inconvenience, which is quite high today.

However, those who desire a truly gigantic film library should at least give Netflix a chance for a month.


Game of Thrones, The Wire, Rome, Westworld, or Billions are just a small selection of the series that an HBO Max subscriber can watch at any time.

At the moment, it is still the biggest competitor to Netflix. Not in terms of quantity, but in terms of quality, it is 100% so. Almost all series on HBO are either praised classics or eagerly anticipated new releases.

The streaming service also includes documentaries of various genres and, last but not least, films mainly from Warner Bros studios. So, those who love Batman or Dune, should definitely try out HBO.


Disney is in the film industry what Apple is in consumer electronics - an absolute giant. So it's no surprise that the company a few years ago also ventured into the path of online streaming services.

In our geographical latitudes, it has only been operating for a few months, but already has many subscribers. There is of course nothing to be surprised about.

The offer includes not only an enormous amount of fairy tales, which Disney is an expert at, but also all comic book films and series from Marvel. The same applies to Star Wars.

However, fans of easily digestible entertainment are not the only ones who will come to Disney's mouse.

The library of Disney+ also includes a number of horror and thriller movies, under the aegis of Hulu. School-age children will love Disney+ for understandable reasons, but parents will also find enough entertainment on this platform.


It is not a waste of money.

Many people are satisfied with the regular TV programs that are available for free and that's fine.

However, for those who expect something extra from television entertainment, they should at least subscribe to one streaming service for at least a month.

Each of them contains hundreds and thousands of hours of entertainment, so it's definitely not a waste of money.