Even an experience can be a great gift

Even an experience can be a great gift

Gifts can take many forms. Increasingly popular are so-called experiential gifts, for example, which can be enjoyed by both individuals and couples. 

However, it is necessary to choose appropriately. A person who is afraid of heights is unlikely to enjoy a balloon flight. However, even for alike ones it is possible to choose an experience that they will remember fondly throughout their lives

Author: Tomáš Bajgar

Tickets for the event

More or less everyone has a favourite musician or a band. That's why concert tickets belong to the category of the least difficult-to-get experiential gifts.

However, it is nowhere said that they are also the cheapest. Sometimes, on the contrary, such a gift can get quite expensive. Especially foreign stars do not sing for a hot dog and a small beer.

Moreover, the problem may not only lie in the price of the tickets, but also in their availability. The concerts of real stars are almost always hopelessly sold out. Often it is not possible to buy a ticket within minutes after the start of the sale.

This type of gift is easy to make up, but on the other hand, it can be quite complicated and expensive to purchase.

Cooking classes

Czechs are becoming more and more interested in gastronomy. The proof of this is the large viewership of various cooking shows.

Therefore, experiential cooking courses, where one can be trained in the case of well-known and lesser-known dishes of Czech or foreign cuisine, are becoming increasingly popular.

Graduates usually learn not only a few new recipes, but also new cooking-related tricks.

They can then continue to develop this knowledge either in their own kitchen or through other cooking courses.

Language courses

Many people would like to learn a foreign language but don't know how to make the first step.

For this purpose, dedicated special language courses are available for beginners and intermediate learners. These courses can also be given as a gift.

Especially online classes are very popular today. Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to be thousands of kilometres away from a lecturer and still speak to him or her live.

Most people use this method when they learn English, German or Spanish. However, it is not a problem to find courses in more exotic languages, such as Japanese.

Taking the train

Even if a train ride doesn't seem like anything special, it can also work as quite a positive experience.

Of course, the journey itself probably won't satisfy most people, but combined with an extraordinary culinary experience, it's an attractive way to spend your free time.

For some time now, Czech Railways has been offering vouchers for train journeys to various destinations, during which it is possible to taste a variety of delicious dishes.


The gift that remains

Unlike material things, experiences can never be taken away from us. That's why experiential gifts have been such a hit in recent years. 

Sometimes, of course, a little thought is needed before choosing the right one. However, when one finally hits the nail on the head, he or she can make the recipient very happy.