Firefly - a cult that ended all too soon

Firefly - a cult that ended all too soon

There are plenty of TV shows whose first seasons were considered top-notch, but over time their quality gradually faded. 

However, Firefly didn't end up that way. This series was actually cancelled after its first season

Nevertheless, or perhaps precisely because of that, it rightfully boasts a cult status to this day.

Author: Tomáš Bajgar

Cowboys in space

The main character of the series is Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds, the captain of the small starship Serenity.

He used to be a Browncoat, a rebel fighting against the Alliance, but they were defeated and anyone associated with the rebellion has been blacklisted ever since.

Malcolm must now make a living through various illegal dealings, with the help of his crew: first officer Zoe, pilot Hoban, mechanic Kaylee, shepherd Book, and companion Inara.

In the first episode, they are joined by Doctor Simon and his sister River, who are initially just another job.

However, their mission turns out to be much more dangerous than Malcolm expected, as River is not like the rest of humanity and the Alliance has a huge interest in her uniqueness.

So far, it may not sound like anything special. However, the uniqueness of Firefly lies not in its plot originality, but in its overall visual style.

It's very specific, best described as a western in space. The characters wear clothing typical of the Wild West, and their weapons are reminiscent of classic six-shooters, which cowboys always carried low-slung.

The crucial difference is that this time, the pistols fire energy beams rather than bullets, and the occasional firefight is enlivened by the passage of a spaceship.

It may sound a bit wild and it certainly is, but in combination with likable characters and a briskly paced plot, it's a very enjoyable experience that was intended to attract a large audience. Unfortunately, this did not happen.

Cancellation after the first season

Firefly was created by Josh Whedon, who also has Marvel's Avengers to his credit, which remains one of the highest-grossing films of all time. However, this time, success did not come.

The mistake was not in the director or the series itself, but in the Fox television network.

For some inexplicable reason, the network changed the airing time of the show almost every week, leading to low viewership and subsequent cancellation after airing only fourteen episodes.



Despite this, the series found its audience through DVD releases and the internet. As a result, Josh Whedon was able to film Serenity years later, which provides a fitting conclusion to the story.

Firefly is certainly not the best sci-fi series of all time, as some of its fans claim. However, it is a very fresh and engaging show that can keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Furthermore, it has only fourteen episodes plus a film, so people don't have to reserve their entire summer vacation just to watch it.