How to balance work and family life without burning out

How to balance work and family life without burning out

We all know it. We get up in the morning to take the kids to school. Then we rush to work. When we get home in the evening, we continue to do urgent work instead of being with our families.

According to surveys, more than a fifth of Czechs lack a balance between work and family.

Work-Life Balance

If a person does not have a balanced relationship between work and family, sooner or later serious problems will arise. Experts equate it to walking on the edge of a precipice. Either you manage to cross it and somehow balance it or you fall.

So-called Work-Life Balance is the ability to find the desired balance between work and family. As already mentioned, as many as one fifth of employed Czechs fail to find this balance in the long term.

According to 100+1 magazine, up to seven percent of Czechs work more than 50 hours a week. In everyday life, this means that they are not with their loved ones, be it immediate family or friends.

And sooner or later, this becomes apparent.

Burnout syndrome

More and more people have been struggling with burnout syndrome in recent years. What are the most common causes?

It can be the following:

  • Work overload or overtimes,

  • Overuse of technology that allows us to "be at work" even when we are physically at home,

  • The fear of losing one's job,

  • The desire for continuous career development.

How to find a balance

What practical things can be done to find that balance without burning out? Experts agree on several steps without which balance cannot be found. These include the following recommendations.

Family first

It may sound corny, but family should come first. Endless overtime can be a sign of disordered relationships. When you are with your family, be with them, not just beside them. Do things together.

Be off-line

  • When you get home, try putting your phone down and being with loved ones.

  • When you're relaxing, turn your phone off or put it on silent mode.

  • Learn to use airplane mode.

  • Don't take your phone to bed with you.

Tip: Try a tech detox. Give yourself a family challenge by spending 24 hours without technology such as a cell phone, tablet or computer.

Learn to say "no"

A certain biblical quote says, "Let your 'yes' mean yes, your 'no' mean no." Don't be afraid to turn down another job if it would jeopardize the promise you made to your family. Think about your health too.

Unhealthy lifestyle

Did you know that in the Czech Republic, according to doctors, up to 55,000 people die every year from heart and blood vessel diseases resulting from an unhealthy and fast-paced lifestyle?

Learn to relax. This will help you achieve a better balance between work and family.