The most scandalous American elections (Biden vs. Trump)

The most scandalous American elections (Biden vs. Trump)

The Czech Republic is facing presidential elections in January 2023. Will they also be accompanied by scandalous revelations, as was the case during the presidential elections in the USA in 2020? We will see. 

One of the most scandalous American elections then shook the whole United States.

Brief facts 

The United States presidential election was held on November 3, 2020. Two different politicians - Joe Biden for the Democratic Party and Donald Trump for the Republican Party - faced each other. 

The final results, after counting approximately 155 million ballots, decided in favor of the Democratic Joe Biden. He received around 81 million votes, while Donald Trump received around 74 million. 

Joe Biden then became the new American President, taking office on January 20, 2021. 

The uniqueness of these elections was the fact that for the first time since 1900, when voter turnout officially exceeded 70%, these were the elections with the highest voter turnout in the history of the United States. 

Scandalous course 

Both presidential candidates accused each other during the campaign. Media and journalists came up with many scandalous revelations on both sides. What was "revealed"? 

Trump as a tax evader 

One of the first scandals was revealed by the American newspaper The New York Times. Donald Trump allegedly did not pay any income tax for more than ten years

For example, in 2016, when he became president of the United States, he paid federal tax of about $750, which is equivalent to about CZK 18,000. He also paid the same amount for the first year in office, despite owning a network of golf courses, casinos and a giant hotel chain around the world. 

Donald Trump labeled the accusations as "totally fake news," but failed to defend himself

Questionable business of Biden's son 

Another scandalous revelation involved Joe Biden's son, Robert Hunter Biden. The Wall Street Journal came out during the campaign with testimony from Anthony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Hunter, regarding Joe Biden's alleged involvement in his son's business with the Chinese consortium CEFC

Joe Biden was allegedly planning big family plans in the Chinese market. Biden's son Robert Hunter was also repeatedly labeled as a "check vacuum" by the Trump team, when he always benefited from his father's position in powerful positions.


Will it be getting tougher in the future?  

One of the most influential politicians of ancient times, King Solomon, said "man rules over man to his own harm." This confirms both the past and the present. 

Whether the Czech presidential elections will be similar to those in the United States, we will have to wait and see.