The Rise of the Coolman - Treasure Hunting with a Superhero

The Rise of the Coolman - Treasure Hunting with a Superhero

Offer your colleagues an exciting team building event. Whether you're a small team or a large company, everyone can experience an adventure together.

Join the secret world of Coolman, the guardians of justice.

This is a Mystery Trail game, which means that you're sure to come across 18 main treasures during your adventure, but there may also be 12 penalty treasures waiting for you.

Who is this Game for?

The team building program The Rise of the Coolman is ideal for experienced players, the questions are already among the harder ones. It's laced with sharp humour and a dash of chauvinism, which will be especially appreciated by male groups.

With its unconventional humour, it is recommended for teams with an open mind.

The Secret Mission of the Coolmen

Join the secret organization of the Coolmen, fighters against injustice and chaos. Recently, the Coolmans have mysteriously started disappearing due to "unfortunate" events.

The last surviving Coolman, Huong Chin Gon, has decided to train a new generation to take the reins of responsibility for the world. 

What to Expect

As an aspirant for the next generation of Coolmans, you will have the opportunity to practice your thinking skills.

You'll have to tackle questions focused primarily on logic, mathematics and combinatorics.

Outdoors or Virtually

Set aside about 1.5 hours for the online version of the game, while the outdoor version takes about 2.5 hours. 

The outdoor version, Mystery Trail, has a clearly defined start and end of the route. You will only ever see one treasure on the map.

If you answer a question about a treasure correctly, another one will appear. But if you get it wrong, you must first pass the penalty treasure before returning back to the main trail.

In the online version, the questions for the main and penalty treasures will appear on the screen in sequence depending on your answers.

Take the Superhero Challenge

his game is not only superheroic in theme, but especially in content. If you like solving ciphers, puzzles and brainteasers, if you are a lover of escape rooms, if you are not discouraged by temporary failure, then do not hesitate.

Immerse yourself in the challenges we have prepared for you and enjoy the game to the full.