Romania is not only the Count Dracula

Romania is not only the Count Dracula

Romania is by no means a popular tourist destination.

Most people associate it with Count Dracula but have no idea about other attractions, which us a pity.

Romania, however, has a lot to offer. Both for shorter trips and longer hollidays.

Author: Tomáš Bajgar

There is a great deal to discover

Romania is not exactly a small country, quite contrary. Moreover, it is literally stacked with various tourist attractions. It is a country which can be rightly proud about its untouched nature and interesting landmarks mostly in form of castles and medieval cities.

A trip into this captivating balcan country will, therefore, enjoy not only flora and fauna enthusiasts, but also admirers of monuments of each kind.

Mountainers will also find it interesting. Romania is, among others, Carpathian mountains, in the depths of which one can find great deal of caves. Moreover, it is possible to explore a big part of them.

Great cusine 

One of the best ways to learn more about any country is through its cuisine. In this respect, Romania has certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Most Czechs will enjoy their time in Romania, as the local diet consists of, among other things, many types of sausages.

Dark pork sausages are also common in Romania. In this respect, Romania has a lot in common with Hungary. Both of these neighbouring countries can provide a lot of inspiration when it comes to gastronomy.

If you fancy something lighter, you can order Ciorba, a traditional Romanian sour soup.

Gastronomy is not only food, but also drink. The local wines are very good, and the local brandy, called Tuica, is sure to please. Czech slivovitz lovers will especially like it. Needless to say, Tuica is made from plums.

Painted churches

Unlike the Czech Republic, which is more or less an atheist country, Romania has a large number of believers. The majority of the population is Orthodox, and this is also evident in the local religious buildings.

Of course, it is also possible to come across Catholic churches or Evangelical churches, but most Romanian sanctuaries are Orthodox.

Among the most visited sacral buildings are the monasteries in Bukovina. They are interesting mainly for their exterior decorative paintings, which have been well preserved for more than five centuries without major modifications.


It would be a big mistake to visit Romania and skip Bucharest. After all, there's plenty to see in the capital too.

Tourists should definitely not miss a visit to the National History Museum, where they can encounter a very rich collection of folk art.

The wide boulevards are also of interest, or you can see the Palace of Parliament, a typical example of the Romanian communist regime's megalomania.

There are many to choose from

Tourists don't exactly flock to Romania, and when they do, their steps lead more or less only to Transylvania, to Lord Dracula's castle.

It's a shame, though, because this country is also full of other sights and attractions worth visiting.