The series Wednesday is The Addams Family on steroids

The series Wednesday is The Addams Family on steroids

There are few series in 2022 that have shaken up the level of television entertainment as Wednesday has.

It's no wonder, as this is an unusual occurrence that has the power to attract even those individuals who don't particularly like teenage series to the screen.

Author: Tomáš Bajgar

Famous Movie Story

The series had two major advantages over the competition from the beginning - its source material and its director. Wednesday is essentially a sequel/non-sequel of the highly popular Addams Family.

This time, however, the script focuses not on the entire family, but only on one small part of it, specifically on the daughter Wednesday.

Here, she is no longer a small, slightly scary girl with a fondness for executioner's scythes and all sorts of torture instruments. Wednesday has grown up and changed into a young teenager.

However, her distinctive style and interests have not left her with age. Fortunately.

Tim Burton's Comeback

The series was brought to life by the distinctive director Tim Burton, who already has such beautiful oddities to his credit, such as Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, or The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Originally, he was supposed to direct the first feature film about the Addams Family in the early 1990s, but commitments to another project eventually prevented him from doing so.

However, Tim Burton did not let this chance slip by, and he took on the role superbly. It can thus be said that after more than thirty years, the circle has been closed.

Smart Script and Excellent Cast Dominates

Wednesday Addams is not exactly the typical teenager who can get along well with their peers. And that's one of the main reasons why her parents finally decide to send the girl to study at the Nevermore Academy.

The academy doesn't look like a typical American high school from the outset. It's not just about architecture, but mainly about the students.

They are recruited from supernatural beings, such as werewolves, vampires, or sirens, for the most part. This is somewhat at odds with the original source, as no one like that appeared there.

Magic and mystery have always been flirted with in the Addams family, but previous series and movies remained quite down to earth, in terms of the supernatural.

Although magic elements appear in the series, there is definitely no expectation of anything on the level of Harry Potter, even though both works have much in common otherwise.

It's not a heart-rending melodrama about a girl who doesn't fit in with the collective. Wednesday is mainly a detective story with an atypical leading lady who stands and falls on an excellent script and well-written and well-played characters.

The Main Female Character

However, the ace in the hole is the actress herself, Jenna Ortega.

Her performance is truly impressive. Jenna truly embodied her character and today very few people can imagine someone else being able to handle this role better.

Jenna herself brought some elements typical of the series' Wednesday. This refers mainly to not blinking and, of course, the now legendary dance that Jenna herself created from scratch.


The Ultimate Netflix Hit

It's a series that may not immediately appeal to everyone, but for those who like Tim Burton's style and good detective stories, especially in an unconventional setting, they will get what they are looking for.