Sherlock Holmes' Cases - Scavenger Hunt Activity

Sherlock Holmes' Cases - Scavenger Hunt Activity

Imagine finding yourself in London of the past century, assisting Sherlock Holmes in solving a series of mysteries.

Treasure Hunt game Sherlock Holme' Cases immerses you into the world of detective stories and offers you the opportunity to explore 21 cases.

For the virtual version of the game, set aside roughly 1.5 hours, while for the outdoor variant, you'll need approximately 2.5 hours.

Modern Gaming Platform

This is a Treasure Hunt type activity. In the case of the outdoor game, players see treasures located in the field on the screen of their mobile or tablet, and they aim to visit and solve them.

Contestants plan the route and order of visited locations themselves based on their personal strategy.

For the virtual version, teams play on computer screens using communication platforms such as Zoom, MS Teams, or Google Meet.

In this case, the contestants do not see a map with treasures. Questions appear on the screen in a predetermined order.

Who is the game for?

The puzzles, ciphers, and brain teasers are logical, graphic, or textual, with no need for mathematical calculations.

The game is relatively simple, making it suitable for beginners or large groups of players.

Game Story

London, England. Crime rates have surged in recent years. Organized gangs, drug cartels, serial killers. Scotland Yard is overwhelmed and thus relies on the abilities of a brilliant detective whose name is known far and wide.

Sherlock Holmes has his hands full. Can Holmes successfully solve all the cases?

Accept the challenge and discover the real intricacies of detective work. Dive into the streets of London and their dark side with Sherlock Holmes. The side of crime!

Team Building Activity with Sherlock Holmes

Whether you're playing the Sherlock Holmes' Cases game as a Treasure Hunt or as a Virtual Escape Game, you're sure to enjoy it.

Experience the thrill of an adventurous team game full of challenges and mysteries.