The best programs for streaming

The best programs for streaming

Czechs have grown to love streaming platforms in recent years. Some are even more popular than traditional TV channels. Live streaming itself is also growing in popularity. In order to be able to stream video and audio so-called "live", you need not only an internet connection and a mobile phone.

If you want quality, you also need a streaming program. What streaming software are the most popular when it comes to audio and video quality? 

The three best tools for stream

Live streaming audio and video has become an integral part of promoting many large and small businesses. Also many people stream from their vacation, an event, or any private activity.

What streaming software is best for this, if the stream is to have a good quality,? We've put together the top 3 most popular ones.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is an open source streaming software that will blow you away with the magnitude of its power. The mind-blowing quality is completely free. You have a choice of dark and light interfaces.

Its strengths include the existence of an intuitive mixing console, the ability to create scenes, a choice of several filters on video sources, and a user-friendly control panel that allows you to create multiple recording profiles.

If we are to find a shortcoming in OBS Studio, it is perhaps the lack of multiple features that are common in paid platforms.


If you're looking for quality and are willing to pay extra for it, then you won't find anything better than Telestream Wirecast. It is a supercharged software perfected by many years of experience.

Wirecast allows you to work in top-quality graphics, and you'll find scene configurations, full HD streaming, the ability to stream live on all platforms such as YouTube, PIP (Picture in Picture) streaming, and the ability to add background music.

The downside is the very high purchase price.


The third streaming software is the paid program Xsplit. It offers an absolutely revolutionary option of mixing audio and video, suitable not only for streaming games, but also video conferences or video advertisements.

You can choose from three different licenses and features. The downside is the high computer requirements.

The grandfather of record

Did you know that the first ever patented device for recording and playback of sound was made in 1877 by American inventor Thomas Alva Edison?

His phonograph cylinder spread around the world and into many homes shortly afterwards.