Treasure Hunt Pasohlávky - Team Building Event near Pálava

Treasure Hunt Pasohlávky - Team Building Event near Pálava

Welcome to Pasohlávky, a picturesque village situated by the shores of the Nové Mlýny reservoir.

This location is perfect for the Treasure Hunt team building activity, guiding you through a scenic corner of South Moravia, with Pálava in sight.

Treasure Hunt in Pasohlávky

The Treasure Hunt in Pasohlávky is a team building activity that takes you to the beautiful surroundings of the Nové Mlýny reservoir. There are 40 treasures awaiting you, located in the village of Pasohlávky, near the Merkur camp, and along the reservoir's shores.

The Pavlov Hills are within sight, allowing you to complement this team-building program with visits to Dolní Věstonice, Klentnice, or the Pálava Protected Landscape Area itself.

The TerraHunt map app will facilitate your game, and the optimal duration for the program is approximately 2.5 hours.

Pasohlávky and Surroundings

Pasohlávky is a picturesque village situated on the shores of the Nové Mlýny reservoir. This region is renowned for its vineyards and wine cellars, making it an ideal place for relaxation and leisure.

Nearby is also Aqualand Moravia, offering a plethora of water attractions for all age groups.

Nové Mlýny Reservoir

The Nové Mlýny Reservoir is a cascade of three dam reservoirs on the Dyje River beneath the Pavlov Hills. This location is perfect for various water sports, such as yachting or windsurfing.

The reservoirs also serve as a habitat for many bird species, making this area appealing to nature enthusiasts.

Aqualand Moravia

Aqualand Moravia is a modern water park providing numerous attractions for both children and adults. Here, you can spend an entire day filled with fun and relaxation.

Aqualand is also one of the primary locations where some of the treasures for the Treasure Hunt Pasohlávky game are placed.

Why Play Treasure Hunt Pasohlávky

Treasure Hunt Pasohlávky is a fun team game. The program is very cost-effective and serves as an intriguing team-building activity. The game allows you to explore the beautiful area of Pasohlávky and Nové Mlýny while solving various tasks and searching for treasures.

In the region, we've also developed several other games. You can also try Treasure Hunt Pálava or Treasure Hunt Mikulov.