Treasure Hunt Znojmo - Searching for Treasures in Znojmo

Treasure Hunt Znojmo - Searching for Treasures in Znojmo

An exceptional team building activity Treasure Hunt Znojmo, will take you to the heart of picturesque Znojmo.

A city where wine flows freely and where an atmosphere of friendship prevails becomes your game full of adventure.

Treasures Await in the Historical Center of Znojmo

Znojmo, a city that boasts a rich history and architecture, becomes your timed game.

Your task will not only be to explore the most beautiful corners of Znojmo but also to solve mysteries and tasks prepared for you by the Treasure Hunt game.

Start your journey around the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, continue in the picturesque Hus Gardens, and don't miss the surroundings of the Rotunda of St. Catherine.

There are a total of 42 mysteries and tasks that you need to solve, and you can find them in the most interesting and beautiful parts of the city.

The Grand Gránice Circuit

While searching for treasures, you will primarily move around the Grand Gránice Circuit.

This route is not only full of historical monuments but also offers beautiful views of nature and the city.

The game experience is all the more intense.

Secrets Beneath the Surface

But Znojmo is much more than just beautiful buildings. Do you know the secrets hidden beneath its surface?

The Znojmo underground, one of the most extensive underground labyrinths in Central Europe, is an integral part of the Treasure Hunt game.

Wine and Pickles

Teambuilding in Znojmo is not just about adventure and fun, but also about getting to know the local culture and gastronomy.

During your visit to Znojmo, you can taste traditional Znojmo products - pickles and exquisite Moravian wines, which are an integral part of this region.

Technology and History Combined

During the game, you'll use modern technology in the form of a map app on a tablet that will guide you to individual treasures.

The game is designed to keep you in suspense for about 3 hours.

Try the DEMO of the game

Try the demo version of the game on your mobile phone. Download the TerraHunt app and play not only the Znojmo game but dozens of other outdoor or virtual games.

Be Part of the Adventure

Experience it for yourself. Take a trip to the historical center of Znojmo, have an unforgettable day full of fun, adventure, and discovery.

Whether you are looking for a team building activity for your company or a way to deepen friendships, Treasure Hunt Znojmo is the right choice.

Be part of an adventure that connects the history, culture, and tradition of this exceptional city. Contact us, accept the challenge and become real treasure hunters in Znojmo.