Why we love Escape Games

Why we love Escape Games

We love movies. We love computer games. The combination of these two passions gave rise to escape rooms.

Not only in the Czech Republic is their popularity rapidly increasing.

What is it? What is their charm?

How it all started

"A dream that only you have is a dream. A dream that we all have is reality." The statement of an unknown author confirms the trend of today: we like to dream.

And we like it even more when our dreams turn into reality.

When American scientist Ivan Sutherland invented the first head-mounted display device in 1968, no one would have thought that virtual reality would one day become so real that it would become a daily reality.

Similarly, no one knew when the first real escape game opened in Japan in 2007, that it would spread to dozens of countries around the world and become a modern-day live dream.

Escape games are based on popular computer games of the 1990s. The first quest called "Mystery House" was created by Sierra On-line in 1980.

It was the same year that Apple II released the game Wizzard and Princess.

The first computer game with the goal of escaping from a room using various available objects was called Noctropolis. It was 1994.

Emotions and Reason in One Moment

Escape games allow us to experience various emotions while using our reasoning skills. We love to be scared when we feel the mystery.

We love tension. The mysterious attracts us.

On the other hand, unsolvable tasks provoke our logic and force us to find solutions in the unsolvable. We like to choose the environment that suits us best.

It can be a space station, a prison cell, a return to the Middle Ages, or deactivating a ticking bomb. We want to try things that we never could.

In addition to all this, escape games perfectly affect other human senses. In addition to the eyes, there are perfect and authentic sound effects, various scents and smells, the feeling of cold, heat, or wind.

Finally, every cell in our body is involved in the escape game.

Many Options

As already mentioned, the composition and themes of each escape game are wide-ranging. It really depends on your taste.

Among the most interesting are the medieval frame, World War II history, secret service operations, mysterious encounters, film compositions mainly of spells and magic, or modern and futuristic science fiction.


Escape from Reality?

If you need a break from reality, you don't have to pick up your phone. Try real escape games. Invest in unforgettable experiences.

Virtual reality glasses are no longer enough. You need to live your dream in reality.

In the Czech Republic, you can choose from over 300 escape games, and in Prague, there are over 150 to choose from.