Will AI Bring about the Downfall of Humanity?

Will AI Bring about the Downfall of Humanity?

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly on the rise. Today, almost all major tech companies boast their own AI.

However, many experts warn that even though current artificial intelligence is a fairly useful tool, it could ultimately destroy us in the future. The ways in which AI could lead to our destruction may vary.

In the following lines, we will take a closer look at some of them.
Author: Tomáš Bajgar

Can AI Control the Nuclear Arsenal in the Future?

One day, AI might have the ability to control the nuclear arsenal. Today, this seems like pure science fiction, but we can never know how the future will develop.

Even today, many modern combat systems are partly controlled by algorithms. Therefore, it is not so difficult to imagine that in a few decades, at least some fragments of the most advanced world armies will be subordinate to artificial intelligence.

And that is just a step away from taking control of the nuclear arsenal, which could ultimately be our end. Even according to the greatest proponents of AI, artificial intelligence should never have access to weapons of mass destruction. Hopefully, future generations will adhere to this principle.

Subtle Enslavement

The destruction of humanity does not necessarily have to take the form of total annihilation. Artificial intelligence could theoretically take over our thinking, even quite subtly. To some extent, it already does today, namely through algorithms on social networks.

Nowadays, these algorithms are still controlled by humans, but it is not so hard to imagine that one day this will no longer be the case. At some point, artificial intelligence could become autonomous and completely control our minds not only through social networks but also through news media.

Humans are emotional creatures, and if omnipotent AI strikes the right chords, we could quickly swap roles and humanity might start working for artificial intelligence without even realizing it.

Devastating Disinformation Campaigns

The current Western world is literally flooded with various disinformation. However, this is still just a small prelude. It is expected that in a few years, artificial intelligence will be significantly more involved in this game.

Even today, it is possible to use AI to edit not only photos but mainly videos and voices. Once AI improves further, it will not be a problem to produce compromising materials of the same quality as if they were real.

Society is already divided in many countries. The above-mentioned possibilities could lead to civil war in many states. In such cases, however, the artificial intelligence itself may not be to blame, but the individuals who misuse it


Control of AI Development?

Today, artificial intelligence is still in its early stages and does not pose any significant danger. Over time, however, this tool may evolve into something that is difficult for us to comprehend, which could cause us a lot of regret.

Therefore, it is essential to strictly control AI development now, while it is still relatively simple to do so.