Your Business Adventure Starts Now

Your Business Adventure Starts Now

Z-AGENCY, the creator of the TerraHunt gaming platform, is a pioneer in the realm of team building activities. They have carved a niche for themselves in the gaming industry, particularly in Central Europe, by offering a unique blend of outdoor GPS games, virtual escape games, and quizzes.

However, their offerings extend beyond just games. They provide a comprehensive solution for businesses, event agencies, and freelancers who are keen on diversifying their offerings and tapping into the booming gaming industry.
Author: Jiří Zmidloch

More Than Just an IT Studio

Z-AGENCY is not just an IT studio that is detached from the actual organization of events. They are the creators, the organizers, and the implementers.

They coordinate the development of the platform, create their own games, and use their platform to execute corporate events with their own team of trained instructors.

They are not just content creators; they bring all the pieces together - from the creation of game servers, mobile apps for playing games, knowledge base, to marketing, sales, and physical implementation of games in the field or online from their own virtual studio.

TerraHunt: A Unique Blend of Business and Entertainment

The TerraHunt platform, developed by Z-AGENCY, offers a unique blend of business and entertainment, perfectly catered to today's tech-savvy world.

With GPS and virtual escape games gaining momentum across the globe, a franchise that brings innovative, engaging, and interactive experiences to an eager audience of game enthusiasts could be your perfect entrepreneurial venture.

An Invitation to Local Operators and Business Partners

Z-AGENCY is actively seeking local operators, business partners, or franchises. They are eager to collaborate with event agencies, team building firms, and are also ready to train freelancers who will create a local TerraHunt branch.

By joining the TerraHunt family, you can be a part of an innovative network that is revolutionizing the gaming industry. With Z-AGENCY's extensive support and your entrepreneurial spirit, you can shape the future of entertainment in your local communit.

Comprehensive Support for Local Operators

Z-AGENCY offers a comprehensive package to its local operators. They provide a robust platform for hosting and managing games, a mobile application for playing games, and a knowledge base for understanding the intricacies of the platform.

They also offer marketing and sales support to help local operators promote their games and attract players. Furthermore, Z-AGENCY provides training for the physical implementation of games in the field or online from their own virtual studio.

This comprehensive package ensures that local operators have all the tools they need to succeed in the gaming industry.

Shape the Future of Entertainment

Ultimately, Z-AGENCY presents an unparalleled chance for ambitious individuals to penetrate the thriving world of gaming.

By becoming a part of the TerraHunt franchise network, you have the power to introduce groundbreaking, captivating, and interactive gaming adventures to your local community.

The future has arrived, and it's your turn to mold it. Uncover more about this extraordinary opportunity on TerraHunt's business cooperation page and embark on your entrepreneurial voyage with TerraHunt today.

The commencement of your thrilling journey is at this very moment!