Party in a galaxy far far away

Party in a galaxy far far away
Star Wars night

Event length 3-6 h
Number of people 30-300
Physical demands low
Financial demands middle

Enjoy the thrilling atmosphere of Star Wars right at your party. Join us for a celebration of the Universe with the most famous characters from this awesome space saga. But it is not only about partying with the Jedi, during the event you will be able to take part in various challenges that will test how strong the force is with you. Meet Darth Vader and get to know the most famous space villain on Earth from a little different perspective.

Some of the other guests at the party are mere humans, but with awesome costumes and make-up will fool everyone - sometimes even Vader himself! - and will transform to someone out of this Earth. As any good celebration, also the Party in a galaxy far far away will be full of funny scenes that will make you laugh your pants off.

Who will party with you?

Lord Vader has sent invitations to this party throughout the galaxy, and many well-known faces already confirmed they will attend. You will definitely meet not only the master of the Death Star himself, but also the Jedi Knights or the Stormtroopers, who will also take care of the security of the participants. During this celebration, all disputes about the future of the galaxy go aside. Adherents of light and dark sides of the Force get together and create a truly unforgettable party.

What will happen?

You as one of few beings in the Universe honored by the invitation, will be able to experience unusual entertainment. You can train shooting with the guidance of experienced soldier of the Imperium or take a stellar photo with a wide choice of humorous props and fun speech bubbles. You can try to cover your human nature with the help of artistic face painters. They helped change the identity of many of Darth Vader’s enemies, thus saving their life. You can also step off planet Earth with virtual reality, try out karaoke or search for a path through a black hole. Of course, the atmosphere will be set by the biggest hits from across the galaxy.

What about the raffle?

For your success in different challenges you will be awarded raffle tickets. At the end of the evening Darth Vader, the host of the evening, will draw the winners from the raffle using the Force. You can win many prizes out of this universe, but any aspiring Jedi Knight or Vader’s apprentice will want to gain one of them - a light sword.

Party in a galaxy far far away

Star Wars party

Party with a story
Diverse activities including virtual reality
Star Wars atmosphere

Suitable locations

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