On-line Yoga Workshop
Yoga courses for companies in a virtual studio

On-line Yoga Workshop for companies, or regular lessons in a virtual studio. Physical rest and mental cleansing in the form of relaxation exercises for company teams and individual employees.
Event length 1,5 - 2,5 hrs
Number of people 5 -15
Physical demands lower to medium
Financial demands low

About event

Rewards yourself, your employees and colleagues with an online yoga workshop. You can look forward to lessons full of practical relaxation exercises and procedures, in which you will not only stretch your limbs, back and neck, but also relax your mind. You will be much better prepared to face the pressures and demands of today and elevate your home-office to a completely different level.

Program Variants

You can undergo a one-time online workshop lasting 1.5 - 2.5 hours. In it, you will learn the techniques of proper yoga breathing, exercises to improve concentration. We will also explain why it is important to function in the present.

If you would like to take care of your employees regularly, sign them to a long-term variant of 5 - 10 lessons lasting 1 - 1.5 hours.

Technical Details of the Program

Regarding the implementation of the on-line program and communication with the lecturer, we will adapt to the communication solution used in your company. Lesson participants will need at least a notebook, ideally a smart TV + notebook.

For a quality visual transmission of the lesson, we recommend using our YouTube Stream channel with chat. Thanks to it, you will be able to enjoy lessons from the virtual studio on your TV screens. For mutual communication and control by the lecturer, we recommend using the communication applications MS Teams, Zoom or Webex.

Lesson content

The content of the lessons will vary depending on whether it is a one-time workshop or regular company lessons. In both cases, you can look forward to our teacher Sára. She will show you each exercise first. You will see all moves in an ideal variant and with a simultaneous display from two independent cameras.

  • With our teacher, we can guarantee you progress in individual lessons. 
  • You will learn breathing exercises to manage difficult stressful situations.
  • Workshops are always individual with regard to the group's experience.

Expertise of a lecturer

  • Yoga instructor, Brno, accreditation of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (150 hours)
  • Yoga world, Prague, Yoga for children seminar
  • Kashish Yoga, Indie, Multistyle yoga teacher training (200 hours)
  • Ubud, Indonesia, Radiantly Alive
  • Asthanga Yoga Slovakia, Prakriti studio (100 hours)

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