8 Best Virtual Escape Games

8 Best Virtual Escape Games

Looking for an escape from your work routine? Want to give your work team a new dynamic? Would you like to spend time with your colleagues differently than in meetings? However, you don't have time or opportunities for a classic team-building event. The solution is an escape game that will transport you to another reality.

Let's take a look at the different worlds of the best escape games.
Author: Jan Závala

1. The Most Adventurous Story: Journey Around the World

Join Lord Snackbare in the world-famous Amazing Race competition, with an incredible reward of 1 million pounds for the winner.

On your journey around the world, you will be accompanied by the mysterious bearded man Tarah Kain, who hides more than one secret. The obstacles that you encounter on your journey also appear to be less and less coincidental.

You can experience a story full of exotic places, romance, and adventure in the Amazing Race escape game. Most questions are of a less demanding type, so if you want to enjoy a relaxed program with a successful and exciting story, this game is the right choice.


2. The Best Atmosphere: Sherlock Holmes' Assistant

Sherlock Holmes is undoubtedly the most brilliant detective of all time. However, this time even he is in a tight spot and needs your help. Become a constable of London's Scotland Yard and experience a detective story full of intricate crimes in the unique gloomy atmosphere of this city.

You can expect a series of graphic puzzles and riddles that will test your attentiveness and logical thinking. The Sherlock Holmes Cases escape game is one of the less demanding ones, so you don't have to worry that you won't enjoy it.

3. The Most Visual Tasks: Pirate Treasure Hunt

The captain of your pirate fleet, Chatty Servéz, is approaching the hour of his death. It depends only on the pirate skills of your crew whether it will be you who replaces him as the leader of the pirate nation.

You set out on an expedition across the vast Pacific seas, sailing through often dangerous waters from island to island, where Chatty hid individual parts of his accumulated treasures during his life.

In the Pirates of the Pacific escape game with an engaging story, you can expect logical, visual, and knowledge questions from the pirate world.

4. Most mature superheroes: Member of a secret organization

The superhero organization of the Coolmen is on the brink of extinction. Never heard of these tireless guardians of justice and order? No wonder, it's a strictly confidential community operating on the edge of the law.

But now they are in trouble and they need your help. You will meet with the sharply witty superheroes and the perpetually drugged Witch who will help you when your abilities disappoint you.

In the escape game "The Rise of the Coolmen," you will enjoy a multitude of mathematical puzzles and rough humor.

5. The most piquant heist: Lover in Venice

The dominant feature of this virtual game is the atmosphere of medieval Venice. You will experience your adventure as a member of a thief gang led by the charismatic Giacomo Casanova.

Unlike the commonly known perception of him as a shameless womanizer, Casanova is portrayed as a fair protector of the poor. In the style of the motto "take from the rich and give to the poor," he follows in the footsteps of Robin Hood, and you will participate in many successful heists with him.

In the escape game The Adventures of Casanova, you will encounter graphic and mathematical challenges.


6. The toughest environment: Surviving among zombies

Decaying buildings, a terrifying virus turning people into zombies, dwindling supplies, weapons, the stench of decay and blood. But also a former nurse, now a sexy hunter, who keeps you company. Right in the middle of this post-apocalyptic future, the escape game Zombie Apocalypse begins.

You will undergo tough training under the command of General Carlos. Together with him, you will venture into the radioactive world to hunt down mutated zombies. In such an environment, you will not be spared gallows humor and action scenes.

You can expect a lot of advanced mathematical puzzles, so the game is suitable for more demanding fans of the zombie theme.

7. The most toxic romance: Searching with an archaeologist

Follow in the footsteps of the famous archaeologist Idaho McLovin on the trail of the legendary treasure of the ancient Aztecs. The irredeemable lover and adventurer had this treasure within reach, but his greedy fiancée betrayed him. Now he's setting out again to find the treasure and an exciting journey awaits you.

As you acquire the individual pieces of the legendary treasure, you'll face a series of graphic and mathematical puzzles. The virtual escape game Idaho McLovin and the Lost Aztec Treasure is one of the more challenging ones, so if you like a challenge, be sure to give it a try.

8. The Most Coolest Teacher: Return to the school desks

Think sitting in a classroom doesn't sound like much fun? Let us change your mind and try out the game Quiz Hunt. You definitely won't be bored in the class of the friendly teacher Mrs. Knowitall.

You'll face a lot of logical questions from various fields accompanied by engaging and playful graphics. The teacher is inventive and her study methods are very original.

At the same time, you don't have to worry about her grading you strictly. In her class, it's mainly about fun and playful environment. The game will be especially enjoyed by playful individuals with an optimistic outlook on the world.

Escape game indoors or outdoors

A virtual escape game is a concept that does not require you to travel anywhere or often expose yourself to unpleasant outdoor conditions. All you need is a computer or mobile device and an internet connection, and you can dive into the whirlwind of fun.

The games take place in competing teams of 4 to 5 people, where you communicate with other players through one of the online platforms (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet), or you sit together at one computer. An experienced instructor will guide you through the online activity.

However, if you are a more rugged player and want to enjoy the story in a real terrain, we will place the game in a selected location for you and you will enjoy it as a Treasure Hunt.

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