Alcohol in world cinematography

Alcohol in world cinematography

Alcohol has always played a major role in world cinematography.

We are introducing 5 drinks that have gained their popularity in famous movies.

Shaken, not stirred...

There's probably no more famous alcoholic drink scene than the one in the Agent 007 series. For example, the famous Vesper Martini appears in Casino Royale.

It was invented for this particular James Bond episode. In the 2006 cult film, actor Daniel Craig even reveals the recipe for the mystery drink in one of the dialogues, saying, "Three parts Gordon's gin, one part vodka, half a part Kino Lillet. Shake until the drink is icy, then add a large, thin slice of lemon. You got it?"

Sex and the City and Cosmopolitan

Fans of the cult TV show Sex and the City are definitely familiar with the popular Cosmopolitan drink. It appears continuously not only in the series, but also in the 2008 film itself.

When the film's main stars go out to celebrate, Miranda asks, "Why did we stop drinking this?" Then Carrie replies, with some irony: "Because everyone else started!". You can mix your own Cosmopolitan by combining the famous orange-flavoured liqueur with cranberry juice and lemon juice.

Red Eye cocktail

If you're a fan of American actor Tom Cruise, you'll be familiar with the movie Cocktail. A bartender and college student in one person uses a drink called the Red Eye as a hangover cure.

The main character Flanagan mixed this special cocktail from vodka, tomato juice, beer and one fresh egg. However, the drink did not enjoy long-term popularity because of the last ingredient mentioned.

The Big Lebowski and the White Guards

Another cult film where alcohol played a starring role is the Coen brothers' movie The Big Lebowski. The main character, actor Jeff Bridges, indulges in a drink called the White Russian throughout the film.

This is named after one of the groups fighting in the Russian Civil War - the White Guards. Although this drink, mixed with coffee liqueur, vodka and cream, existed long before the film, it only rocketed in popularity after the film's release in 1998.

Some Like It Hot

The famous Marilyn Monroe made another alcoholic drink famous in Some Like It Hot.

The scene where the passengers on the train have only whiskey and vermouth to drink and Dolores decides to mix the two drinks created the alcoholic drink called the Manhattan.


A drink for everyone

You can mix all the drinks we have presented in this article yourself. You can find freely available recipes on the internet. Then you just need to play the movie in which the drink became famous as a backdrop. We wish you a pleasant evening.