Amazing Race - Team Building with a Story and Treasure Hunting

Amazing Race - Team Building with a Story and Treasure Hunting

Prepare for a virtual adventure filled with excitement, where you'll dive into a mad race around the world.

Will you help the charismatic Lord Snackbar overcome 17 challenges, win 1 million pounds, and discover love?

Treasure Hunt Along the Route

In this game, you'll encounter 17 straightforward treasures. The puzzles are graphic or textual, with no need for calculations, and they're complemented by captivating visuals.  

This is a Challenge Tour type of game, meaning the sequence of questions is fixed, and each treasure logically and narratively follows the previous one.

As members of Lord Snackbar's adventurous group, you'll strive to win the world's most prestigious race - the Amazing Race.

You'll have to overcome obstacles set by a nefarious foe. But above all, you'll have an incredibly good time.

Game's Story

Imagine a fall morning in 1932, at the Southampton port in England. You're resting after a strenuous night shift at the docks. As you observe the daily hustle and bustle - workers, children, beggars, and high-society ladies - you suddenly hear excited voices in the distance.

You turn around to spot an unusual duo, laden with travel trunks, hastily heading straight for the pier where an old ship is anchored. "We don't have much time; we need to be in France in two hours or we'll lose the race before it even begins. Oh dear, it's a pity neither of us knows how to sail a ship. Hey, you over there, I have a proposal for you!"

You start to sense a grand adventure ahead. Embark on an epic race around the world!

Who is the Game For?

This game is the simplest and shortest escape game we offer, crafted for occasions when clients have limited time for activities.

You can play this Challenge Tour outdoors, where players can see all the treasures placed in the terrain on their mobile or tablet screens. The treasures are numbered sequentially, and players can also gauge how far the next treasure is.

You can also play the Amazing Race virtually. In this mode, contestants won't see a map with treasures. Questions will sequentially appear on the screen in the order they are stored in the system.

Game Everywhere or Online

For correctly answered questions, players earn points. The aim of the game is to visit as many treasures as possible, answer as many questions correctly, gather the most points, and ideally, reach the end point.

This game is especially suitable if you want participants to visit certain places in the city or natural terrain without missing out.

So, what do you think? Are you ready for an adventure?