Attack on the Capitol after the US presidential elections

Attack on the Capitol after the US presidential elections

For the second time, the Capitol building has become the target of an attack. It happened on January 6th, 2021, following the presidential election.

Fifty people were injured and five people died.

The source of the conflict

In front of the Capitol building, the highest legislative body in the United States located in Washington, supporters of the outgoing US President Donald Trump gathered.

They protested against the results of the presidential election from last fall, in which the current President Joe Biden won.

Several demonstrators attacked the buildings of both houses of Congress. Protesters also entered both chambers. The entire complex was secured after two hours.

Donald Trump's Role

The invasion of Donald Trump's supporters into the Capitol was later investigated by a committee of the US House of Representatives.

According to its chairman, Bennie Thompson, it was an attempted coup. In his opening statement, Thompson literally said, "January 6th was the culmination of an attempt to overthrow the government, a shameful attempt... to overthrow the government."

Donald Trump's team filed more than sixty lawsuits after losing the presidential election. They were led against the election results, but all of them were dismissed for lack of evidence.

In addition, Donald Trump openly spoke on social media about fraud and manipulation.

Stop The Steal

The slogan of Donald Trump's supporters became "Stop The Steal". According to a Politico poll, Trump was able to convince an incredible 79 percent of Republican supporters of his ideas about manipulated and stolen elections.

In a tweet posted by Donald Trump on his Twitter on December 20th of the previous year, he called on his supporters to demonstrate on the known date of the vote count, January 6th of the following year.

Trump called on his supporters to fight and said the protest would be "wild".


Calming the situation

The entire situation was not calmed down until 5:40 pm local time on January 6th. The city of Washington issued a curfew starting from 6 pm to prevent the incident from being repeated.

The US National Guard was called to the scene. Joe Biden was confirmed as the new President of the United States in the morning of January 7th, 2021.

Did you know that an attack on the Capitol occurred as early as 1814? It was carried out by the British and the Capitol was completely destroyed. Interestingly, the conflict was once again caused by a Republican President, James Madison.