Boston Dynamics - robots that amaze and frighten

Boston Dynamics - robots that amaze and frighten

Robots were until relatively recently considered only as creations of science fiction novel authors. However, in the last few decades, these fantasies have slowly been coming to life.

Although we still can't create any purely autonomous terminators, the progress in this field is fascinating.

One of the key players in robotics today is Boston Dynamics, which has already introduced to the world many very interesting and in some respects quite frightening creations.

Author: Tomáš Bajgar

Brief History

Boston Dynamics is not a newcomer in the field of robotics. The company was founded by Marc Raibert in 1992, but initially operated under the auspices of MIT.

Today, Boston Dynamics is an integral part of the Hyundai conglomerate, but over the course of thirty years, it has had other famous owners, including internet giant Google.

Over time, the company has become a leader in the field of robotics. Its most famous products include the robotic dog Spot and humanoid Atlas.

For a long time, people have been able to admire what these creations can do through videos on the internet.

However, not everyone watched these videos with a light heart, especially when the creators of Spot tried to demonstrate how well the "dog" could maintain balance by pushing and kicking it.

This caused anxiety in some more sensitive people, even though it is just a pile of metal and a few chips.

Since 2020, the company has decided to start selling both of these products, Spot and Atlas, to the general public.

For a while, they could even be purchased in our geographical region.


There are many robotic dogs that have been successful in world markets, but Spot is not a toy, but a highly sophisticated machine that can do much more than just be cute.

It can easily climb stairs, move backward, and even overcome various smaller obstacles on its own. It can even open doors by itself.

It is not an autonomous robot that works completely independently. It can handle some tasks on its own, such as crossing obstacles, but it will not do anything more without a tablet remote control.

Various sensors and camera systems are installed on Spot's body, allowing this robotic dog to function as an explorer in places where it is dangerous for people to be, such as searching through the rubble of houses or moving through contaminated areas.



Similarly interesting is the humanoid robot named Atlas. Just like Spot, it can sense its surroundings using cameras and sensors.

Atlas is also highly agile. It can jump, squat, do a handstand, and even perform a roll. A perfect robotic athlete. In case of a fall, it has no problem getting up on its own.



There's no need to be afraid

Many people have a genuine fear that one day robots will take over our world and companies like Boston Dynamics are seen as contributing to this possibility.

However, if this ever happens, it certainly won't be because of Spot or Atlas.

Even though their capabilities can seem terrifying, they are designed to help people, not to harm them. Moreover, even if they wanted to, they are not equipped to do so.

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