Bratislava -  a thousand-year-old city on the Danube river

Bratislava - a thousand-year-old city on the Danube river

Bratislava, the city above the Danube river, has more than one thousand years of history and a majestic castle. The picturesque city center invites everyone to discover its secrets and enjoy all the little adventures it has to offer. Quick pace of the modern world is just a few streets away replaced by a nostalgic calm and quiet, reminder of all the history that happened in the narrow and crooked streets of the “Old City”.  

Historical center

Tourists and locals alike can enjoy the nostalgic and history-breathing atmosphere of the old times mainly in the part formed by the Hviezdoslav square, Michal gate, Franciscan square or the beautiful building of the Slovak national theater.

Another impressive site is the Bratislava Castle, situated above the river and offering an unprecedented view of the city and understanding of its history and nature.

Accommodation and catering

First-class cuisine, accommodation and other tourism-related services are in abundance in the Slovak capital. You can choose from many high-quality hotels and restaurants, in the heart of the city, and for reasonable prices. Bratislava will impress you with its history, current culture scene and hospitable people. It would be a shame not to visit it!

Other locations

If you already visited the beautiful city of Bratislava or want to have a more sporty team building, we can offer you other great location for your event. About an hour away from Bratislava you can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of South Moravian sites, such as Lednice–Valtice Cultural Landscape or the city of Mikulov.