Chocolate and Rum - a Royal Match

Chocolate and Rum - a Royal Match

Combining the best rums together with quality chocolate is one of the most interesting taste experiences ever. Chocolate has the ability to develop, supplement and move the taste of rum to a whole new level.

If you haven't tried this pairing of flavors yet, it's probably time to embark on a journey of this non-traditional gourmet experience.

So Many Options...

Choosing a quality rum matching your requirements and tasting good may not be easy at least at first. It's similar with chocolate. And now imagine a combination of rum and chocolate, which should complement their tastes to perfection!

Sounds like a mission impossible? Fortunately, you can learn to pair different variants - and what's more, the learning process is usually very enjoyable.

Fall in Love with Exploring

Exploring new tastes is the best pastime. There are so many types of rums and chocolates and there is basically no other way to find your favorites than to keep tasting them.

Once you immerse yourself in the gourmet world of flavors, you will not go back. You can read articles and publications by experts, search for reviews or try recommendations from the manufacturers of your favorite brand. It's up to you where you start.

Gradually, you will be able to tell the differences among rums and chocolates and find what you like.

When you settle down in the world of experiential tasting, completely new horizons will open up for you. Ordering an untried rum or a new bar of chocolate will be a pastime to look forward to.

Try Different Combinations

As soon as you discover which rums and chocolates satisfy your taste buds, start thinking about suitable combinations.

Pour a glass of rum and smell the chocolate. Enjoy a moment of looking forward to an original taste experience. Let the piece of chocolate melt on your tongue, the moment you begin to perceive all aspects of its taste, it's time for a sip of rum.

Smells and flavors combine in the mouth and, if you have chosen the right combination, create a unique explosion of flavors.

 "Paired" Rums and Chocolates

As pairing of rums and chocolates becomes more and more popular, producers themselves have started looking for the best and most suitable chocolates for their rum.

Exclusive rums can be nowadays accompanied by custom-made chocolate, and even in Czech market it is possible to come across these "pairs".


Another way to learn how to combine chocolate with suitable rum is to attend a tasting. Thus, you will taste some variants and at the same time learn the basics – i.e. how to choose from an inexhaustible number of products, what to look out for and how to enhance the experience to the maximum.


Luxury Adventure

Being an expert on world rum brands and knowing the best chocolate makers is an art in a way. However, if you fall in love with their pairing, the tastings will literally become a road to adventure. You can travel the world to enjoy your tasting hobby, as well as share it with friends in the comfort of your home.

Just taste it ...