Brno as a location for corporate events and team building

Brno as a location for corporate events and team building

Brno is one of the most sought after places in South Moravia for corporate events and team building.

The second largest city in the Czech Republic boasts a beautiful historic center and a large number of accommodation facilities.

There are countless congress halls, restaurants, and salons that can be used for corporate parties or training.

If you intend to organize an outdoor corporate event, we have several interesting options for you.

Where to organize a corporate event in Brno

When choosing the most suitable location for a corporate event, it is necessary to consider basic event parameters. These include the number of people, environment (indoor/outdoor), duration of the program and its character (creativity/development/sport/workshop).

  • Brno has a variety of hotels located in the historic center, such as Hotel International Brno, Grandhotel Brno, Hotel Continental, and Barceló Brno Palace.  

  • Other popular hotels are located on the outskirts of the center, including Cosmopolitan Bobycentrum, OREA Congress Hotel Brno, Courtyard by Marriott Brno, and OREA Hotel Voro Brno.

  • Many clients prefer accommodations in nature near the Brno Dam, such as Orea Resort Santon, Hotel Maximus Resort, Hotel Atlantis, or Hotel Rakovec.

All of these hotels have restaurants, conference halls, and wellness facilities, making them suitable for indoor team building activities.

However, not all of them have their own spaces for outdoor team building activities.

The most popular outdoor activities in Brno

  • Treasure Hunt Brno – team-based competitive activity where teams move around the city of Brno using a mapping application on tablets and search for treasures (questions). The questions are displayed on the tablet screens at interesting or historically significant locations in the historic center of Brno. The questions are thematically related to specific locations.

  • Treasure Hunt with a story - version of the game where the treasures are displayed on tablets in the form of puzzles, codes, and brainteasers, incorporated into an interesting story. You can enjoy games such as Amazing Race, Zombie Apocalypse, Sherlock Holmes Cases, or Pirates of the Pacific.

  • Prýgl Hunt –  version of the game created specifically for clients staying in hotels near the Brno Dam. It is a scavenger hunt activity directly connected to the location and you will move around the Přístaviště area and both sides of the reservoir.

  • Team spirit programs - The only place in Brno that has reasonable outdoor spaces for physical outdoor activities is the Hotel Atlantis near the Brno Dam. The location is suitable for groups of up to 50 people. Here you can experience programs such as Indiana and the Holy Grail or Sherlock Strikes Back.

Indoor activities in Brno

  • Escape Box -  thrilling team escape room for up to 7 teams (up to 50 people) at one time. Your task will be to discover a package of dirty money in the shipment of a drug lord during the journey across the English Channel. We can organize this exit game for you in a conference hall or restaurant of any hotel. The biggest escape game enthusiasts can even do it during a private cruise from Přístaviště to Veveří Castle.

  • Chocolate Day - creative chocolate workshop that can be organized in any indoor space. This program is suitable for employees, business partners, or clients. It's a representative corporate event full of flavors and scents.

  • Soap Workshop - creative corporate event where participants will create their own soaps in different colors, fragrances, and shapes.

Suitable places for team building in the vicinity of Brno

  • Lednice Castle Park - a location located about 40 minutes drive south of Brno. Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape area is the most visited castle area in the Czech Republic. It is a real pearl of South Moravia, a UNESCO monument. We highly appreciate that in the castle area we are allowed to organize outdoor activities for our clients.

  • Mikulov and Palava - both in Mikulov and Palava we have created beautiful Treasure Hunts. The location is about 1 hour's drive from Brno by car.

  • Moravian Karst - about 30 minutes drive north of Brno, you can enjoy the beauty of the Moravian Karst. For this location, we recommend the incentive program Secrets of Moravian Karst. In case of a competitive spirit of the event, you can use the Treasure Hunt Jedovnice program, where you will enjoy the unspoiled nature around the Olšovec pond.

  • Other places within a reasonable distance from Brno include Šafránkův Mlyn, Nemojanský Mlyn, or Winery U Kapličky.

Corporate events in Brno for foreign companies

Corporate events and team building in Brno is also a very interesting alternative for companies from Slovakia and Austria.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, we will be happy to recommend a suitable solution for you.

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