Discover the magic of airsoft or these tricks they won't tell you at the shooting range

Discover the magic of airsoft or these tricks they won't tell you at the shooting range

Airsoft has become a popular activity at corporate events, team building and stag parties. With a bunch of friends and acquaintances, you can raise the company spirit, bring the team together and have a great time.

You don't have to be afraid of this modern sport and our advice will improve your performance.

Author: Michal Cemper

The rules matter

During airsoft, you fire specially modified pellets from mock-ups of real guns at each other. For this reason, please follow the rules of the shooting range, which are primarily concerned with your health.

There are fixed rules and a few regulations that depend on your agreement. Protective equipment is a common obligation, i.e. goggles, helmet with mouth grill and we also recommend protective gloves.

Bullet wounds sting pretty badly and you don't want to take any bruises back from a weekend with your colleagues.

The shooting range will take care of the guns and ammo for you. Officially, bullets up to 6 mm in diameter and weighing between 0.12 and 0.45 grams are used. There are several divisions of guns, for recreational airsoft, mock-ups of real guns with a gas trigger are most often used.

Start slowly...

You arrive at the range, put on your camouflage and the operator asks you what game you want to play. We recommend a slow start with basic equipment. You'll get a feel for the gun and get a feel for the team.

Team deathmatch is popular, where two teams with the same number of shooters fight each other. The game is played either for points or for elimination.

Equally popular is the battle of the flags. During this game you conquer enemy territory by placing your flags. The winner is the team that collects the most points within a set time.

The basic games soon get boring

But maybe you and your teammates are experienced fighters and want to try something a little more edgy. Airsoft shooting ranges think about these situations too.

The game of conquest is a modification of the battle of the flags. Before the start of the game, you choose a team of attackers and defenders. They hide in a prepared object and then defend themselves from the raids of the attacking team. If the attackers do not occupy the perimeter within the allotted time, the defending team wins.

If you're outnumbered at airsoft, try a game called patrol. Split into two teams with an uneven number of players. The larger group marches from point A to point B, the numerically weaker team tracks it down and plans to ambush it as it marches.

The advantage of this game is the emphasis on tactical thinking. The more numerous team, despite its superiority, does not know where the attack will come from. Thus, they must cover each other and guard the space around them as they march.

We're going bombs!

Some shooting ranges even think about pyrotechnic effects and have safe pyrotechnics in their arsenal. Smoke grenades and pyrotechnics with sound effects are particularly popular.

But always remember not to endanger yourself or other teammates when using them.