Fun for Everyone? Pub Quiz!

Fun for Everyone? Pub Quiz!

In many countries, pubs and bars have been for some time not available, but we all believe they will open soon so we can again enjoy social entertainment and games, such as a pub quiz.

Until then, we rely on the online space, that also offers the opportunity to experience a lot of fun and even practice for the real pub quiz.

Quizzes as a Pub Phenomenon

Pub Quiz originated in the UK, but soon became popular around the world. Quizzes have spread relatively recently in the Czech Republic, however, they are rapidly gaining popularity.

Bars and pubs try to attract regular customers using these knowledge team competitions. And many people gladly accept the offer to go out with friends and participate in a game.

It's just a game, but a desire to win is simply part of our human nature. Of course, you need to have knowledge and quick wit, but there are other tips on how to increase your chances of victory.

1) Put Together a Diverse Team

One can do this and other can do that, sings a well-known Czech artist Jan Werich in a song and he's right. In a pub quiz you have to deal with a number of completely different topics and no one can simply know everything.

The key is to choose a team of people with different interests and education so that your group knowledge cover the topics such as science, humanities, technology, show business and culture.

The right leader should know his colleagues and their strengths well - victory can only be achieved by one team and it will definitely be the one with the widest range of knowledge.

2) Choose the Right Leader

Each team should have one leader. A person who is not afraid to take a risk, who will confidently decide how to respond if the team members disagree and who just keeps his wits about.

He must be rational, able to listen and, of course, contribute a little knowledge as well.

In a pub quiz, as in any other game, the character of each team member will come to light. And if you want to win, you need the right leader.

3) Be in Tune

Competitions will show how well you know each other and how much you manage to rely on each other.

The first quiz you participate in as a team may not work out, but as you get to know each other better, your performance will improve.

A pub quiz is also a good choice for teambuilding - you will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your colleagues, you will learn how to involve them in the work to the benefit of everyone, and thanks to the game, you will all easily and faster become a well-functioning team killing it not only in competitions but also in everyday working life.

4) Have Fun

More than anything, a pub quiz is meant to be fun. Play with passion and joy and you will see the competition will go smoothly.

After all, winning is not the most important aspect, and if the quiz brings you a few pleasant moments, then a possible win is just a welcome addition.

Online Quizzes

We don't know when we can go back to our favorite bars and pubs again. Before that happens, we can only meet friends and colleagues virtually, yet the online space offers the opportunity to play and enjoy the time spent together.

Whether you organize the quiz yourself or use the offer of professionals, we wish you pleasant entertainment.