Escape Rooms and their Creation. Can Everyone Handle It?

Escape Rooms and their Creation. Can Everyone Handle It?

Escape rooms are popping up left and right. However, not all of them can be considered truly well-made and successful. Many of them are hastily put together and quickly forgotten.

How is such an escape room created? What factors distinguish the successful from the unsuccessful ones?

How to Create an Escape Room 

See a brief overview of how an escape room is created. Of course, the creation of such a game involves a lot of brainstorming, finding the right idea, as well as studying legislation and regulations in the field of safety and others.

It is definitely not as simple as it may seem.

1. Outline

Choose a room where the entire game will take place. It should be large enough, and you can use multiple rooms rather than just one.

Come up with an interesting environment based on the theme of your game. Particularly with future-themed games, the possibilities are almost unlimited.

2. Theme

The theme of the game is very important. You need to come up with something that is engaging and long-lasting. Popular themes include those based on stories from books or movies.

Don't forget to limit the game to time. Choose a limit that is not too long so that players don't get bored, but at the same time, they have enough time to complete all the tasks.

3. Plot

A good story must match the theme of the entire game. Your players may need to get out of the room to obtain secret information, save themselves from a bomb explosion, or escape from prison.

The plot should be easily digestible for participants - not too complicated, but not too simple either. Each part and each task must be feasible.

4. Challenges

Challenges are part of the story, and players gradually become familiar with them. Large groups need longer challenges and a larger number. Each must have a solution.

If the task is to unlock the door, you can choose whether players have to decipher messages, open the lock, etc. Then, another clue should follow to complete the task.

5. Playing the Game

Choose props to give your escape room a more authentic feel. Visit decoration and costume shops that fit your theme.

Use candles – electric or battery-powered candles are safer. Branches, stones, and other natural props can create the feel of a forest or cave.

Every escape room needs music. Choose music that underscores the atmosphere of your chosen theme. For better authenticity, also choose costumes that help players get into the story better.

Test how the game works and how it feels. Set up everything in the room, prepare everything, and walk through the whole game exactly as players will.

Check if all the clues and puzzles make sense and lead players through the story.

Then explain the rules to your players, put them into the story, warn them of some pitfalls, and think of a reward they will get if they successfully complete their task.

Experience is the key to success

Successful escape rooms almost always result from experienced people.

Those who have already played a few games, gained experience and knowledge, and then only ventured into creating their own game. It is virtually impossible to create an original game that won't be forgotten immediately without experience.

It's not enough to just find a room, put in decorations, hide keys, and be done. You need to know much more, and mainly be willing to study and improve.

The basis is modern technology

Modern technology now drives the whole world and is an integral part of escape rooms. You cannot create a quality escape room without it. It enhances the players' experience and brings the room to life.

Everything is connected to everything

In creating an escape room, neither modern technology nor experience guarantee absolute success. Behind it stands the right location, game theme, puzzles, design, props, and the care of people who are dedicated to creation.

The result of such effort is then perfect entertainment with escape games that offer everything you can expect from them.

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