Idaho McLovin and the Lost Aztec Treasure - Scavenger Hunt Activity

Idaho McLovin and the Lost Aztec Treasure - Scavenger Hunt Activity

This Scavenger Hunt activity features 22 treasures.

Alongside the world's most renowned archaeologist, Idaho McLovin, you'll explore various corners of the globe, search for treasures, overcome dangers, and experience adventures.

The game can be played outdoors or virtually. The virtual version takes approximately 1.5 hours, while the outdoor variant requires 2.5 hours.

Treasure Hunt for Experienced Players

Prepare for an adventure brimming with riddles and ciphers that might astonish you with their complexity. It's adventurous, entertaining, and especially appeals to fans of Indiana Jones tales, which it loosely draws inspiration from.

You'll face a total of 22 questions, ciphers, and puzzles, some of which can pose a real challenge for some. Gear up for logical, graphical, and mathematical challenges. This game is tailored for more experienced players.

We recommend setting aside ample time for this game to fully relish its potential.

Virtual Escape Game or Outdoor Game

The game's narrative immerses you in the world of virtual heroes - Idaho McLovin and his estranged lover, Julietta von Schwartz. These characters will guide you throughout the game, adding an extra dimension to your adventure.

This is a Treasure Hunt game, meaning that in the outdoor version, you can visit treasures in any order, devising your own strategy.

You can either play the full-service game on our provided tablets or opt for a version on your personal mobile devices.

In the virtual escape game format, tasks will sequentially appear on your screen.

In this case, virtual teams will be assembled in the Breakout Rooms of communication tools like MS Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet. For the virtual game mode, playing on a computer is recommended.

Game Legend

Idaho McLovin is the most distinguished archaeologist on the planet, and he has chosen you to join his team to help uncover the Lost Aztec Treasure.

Idaho was once close to locating it when he was exploring Central America with his then-fiancée, Julietta von Schwartz.

However, as they were extracting a chest filled with the Aztecs' bloody gold from the Pyramid of the Sun God, McLovin was betrayed by his love and abandoned in a dark dungeon teeming with venomous snakes and tarantulas.

But Julietta didn't get to revel in the glow of the cursed gold for long. A mysterious jungle demon deprived her of the chest.

Idaho managed to escape his prison and continues his quest for the legendary treasure to this day.

Seeking Ancient Treasures

The Treasure Hunt Idaho McLovin and the Lost Aztec Treasure can be set in any location or environment. You can play in a city center, a park, a forest, or around a hotel resort.

You can also play from the comfort of your office or home. The number of players or teams is not limited.

Plan your corporate adventure the way you want and in a manner that suits you best.

Contact us, and we'd be happy to recommend an appropriate option for you.