The impact of the home office on family interpersonal relationships

The impact of the home office on family interpersonal relationships

Working from the comfort of home has always been the dream of many individuals who do not like to commute to work. With the advent of the pandemic, this dream has come true for a number of people.


However, many have discovered that being in a home office is not as rosy as they originally imagined. Often, this can even disrupt or completely destroy family and partner relationships.

Author: Tomáš Bajgar

The impact of the home office on family interpersonal relationships

The coronavirus has driven many employees out of the corporate office and into the home environment. On the one hand, this seems to be an advantage, as one can get some sleep and does not have to commute, which has a positive effect on expenses.

On the other hand, work conducted in this way is often much slower and more tedious than when one is under the direct supervision of management. Yes, one has to force oneself to work at home a lot more than in the office. On the other hand, at least he has more time for his partners and children. Or does he?

Too much stress

What can be done in a few minutes in the office can take several hours from the home office. Even if today's internet communication channels are at a really high level, it can be difficult and, above all, lengthy to agree on the next course of action with colleagues via a global network.

Also because of this, employees working from home usually do not have more free time than when they normally commute to the company. Often the opposite is true. A proper stachian will complete all tasks on time at all times, even if it's a bit of a slog. However, this is how stress starts to build up and this is then passed on to partners or offspring. Conflicts and quarrels arise.

If it's just for a few days, no big deal, but if it's a long-term daily routine, it's a recipe for trouble. More than one marriage has been divorced precisely because of the negative effects that working from home can have on people. Fortunately, there are tricks to avoid the worst-case scenario.

  1. Setting your work hours - the best way to avoid conflicts is by strictly adhering to work hours. As soon as it falls, the computer needs to be turned off. Even an occasional glance at your email is not recommended. This is because people tend to deal with incoming mail immediately.
  2. Regular exercise - it is also possible to exercise at home. It is even recommended when working at the computer, otherwise there is a risk of muscle imbalances. Some form of warm-up should take place at least once an hour. Even light stretching can relieve the muscles and also have a positive effect on the soul.
  3. Quality sleep - it has been proven that sleep quality is closely related to stress and mental illness. If you want to relieve stress effectively, you need to have enough strength to do so. And without sleep, it is impossible to have these. That is why it is good to turn off all screens at least an hour before going to bed and go to bed ideally when the dark comes.
  4. Breakfast and dinner together - few partners are lucky enough to have lunch together during the working week, even if one of them is in the home office. But they should have breakfast or dinner together, without looking at their mobile phones or even computers. These seemingly banal moments can strengthen a relationship more than many other things.

Dream or bad dream?

Working at home may still be a dream for some, but many marriages and partnerships have failed because of home office.

But if you adopt some essential habits, working from home may not have any major negative consequences.