Invention of Coronavirus Times - Online Tasting

Invention of Coronavirus Times - Online Tasting

Do you like to go to a guided tasting once in a while? Do you currently miss new tastes, social evenings or fun and valuable information?

Try one of the online tastings - professionals prepare them with the utmost care so that you can enjoy the best samples in the safety and comfort of your home.

Many cultural events, professional conferences and lectures moved into a virtual environment during the last year. Not every activity is so lucky that it is possible to experience it almost as fully online as in reality. 

However, a tasting evening can be prepared almost anywhere and enjoyed “all-in”.

How Does it Work?

At the beginning, you choose the tasting program you are interested in. Online tastings are usually well described on the websites of the providers, so you can opt for what suits you best.

As soon as you register for the event, you will obtain information about what will happen next. You will usually receive a tasting set on the day of the tasting or few days ahead.

It will contain all the samples prepared for your evening. You will also get a link where you can join the event at the exact time.

It's easy - by now you have everything you need for the tasting. After that, everything goes almost the same as during a classic tasting: an experienced professional who has prepared the program to be as interesting and fun as possible will guide you through the tastes of the individual samples.

What Is the Selection?

Most often you can come across an offer of online wine tastings on the Internet. If you choose a program consisting of homemade wines, as a bonus, you will further support local winemakers and allow them to survive during difficult times.

However, wine is just the beginning. Do you have any idea how many types of rum exist and how to choose the best chocolate?

Do you want to meet small and large manufacturers who are market leaders or are original by doing something differently?

There are plenty of programs, choose one that will suit your requirements and tastes.

If you want to make the tasting even more interesting, choose one combining two different products, such as wine and cheese or rum and chocolate.

Events for Employees or Friends

Time does not favor mass events, such as teambuildings, events for business partners or just active time with friends.

Online tasting is one of the options to provide a larger group with a joint activity without endangering anyone.

You and all participants will participate in the tasting to enjoy a quality time together and to get a shared experience uniting the team and contributing to mental well-being of everyone.


A Social Event at Your Home

Unfortunately, over the last year, the list of activities we can carry out safely and legally has decreased considerably. So if there is an opportunity to try something new and enjoy a pleasant afternoon with online tasting, we sincerely recommend to do it.

You will have fun, you will learn what you have not known, and as a bonus you will drive away pandemic lethargy, at least for a while.