The most famous chocolate brands and manufacturers

The most famous chocolate brands and manufacturers

The most famous and largest chocolate manufacturers come from only two continents. They are Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and the United States.

Together, they account for more than 60% of the world's production of this popular delicacy, despite the fact that neither country is a major producer of cocoa beans.

Delicacies from Belgium

When you say Belgium, most of us immediately think of the famous Belgian pralines. No wonder. Belgium is the first country to legislate on the quality of chocolate.

A minimum of 35 percent pure cocoa must be used for any chocolate produced in this country.

Belgium's most famous and largest chocolate factory is the Godiva brand. The Brussels-based factory began producing chocolate in 1926. World-famous truffles, milk and dark pralines are all produced and exported by Godiva to more than 100 countries around the world.

Swiss tradition

One of Switzerland's main sources of wealth is chocolate production. It was here that chocolate production began in the 17th century. The Swiss are the largest consumers of chocolate in the world. They consume more than 54 percent of their annual production.

A popular Swiss destination for chocolate production is Zurich and the surrounding area. Brands such as Lindt, Toblerone, Sprungli and Nestlé produce their world-famous products here.

Quality from Germany

Cologne is the traditional centre of German chocolate and chocolate production. The famous Stollwerck Chocolate Company has its production facilities here. It is the manufacturer behind the Alpia, Alprose, Chocolat Jacques, Duc d'O, Eszet and Sarotti brands.

Other chocolate manufacturers in Germany include Tortchen, Leonidas and La Maison du Chocolat. A large proportion of products are exported to the United States.

The American giant

The United States is the largest producer of chocolate on the American market. The most popular brand among Americans is Hershey's, but it is not well known in the Czech Republic.

The more well-known and popular products in the Czech Republic include those from Mondeléz and Mars. In America, the production of chocolate began as early as the end of the nineteenth century.


Sweet life

If you like to buy Czech Orion chocolates, then you are eating a product of the Swiss company Nestlé. If your favourites include products from the Czech brand Opavia or Figaro, you reach for a product from the American giant Mondeléz.

And if you're a fan of Kinder eggs, Nutella, Raffaella, Ferrero Rocher or Mon Chéri, then you're into the products of Italian chocolate maker Ferrero.