The Mystery Called the Bermuda Triangle

The Mystery Called the Bermuda Triangle

There are many mysterious places in the world, but none can match the fame of the Bermuda Triangle. This area is located roughly between Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Miami.

There is enormous interest in this location mainly due to the mysterious disappearances of a vast number of ships and airplanes. It's no wonder that there are numerous theories aiming to unravel this mystery.

Some have scientific bases, while others belong to the realm of fantasy.

Author: Tomáš Bajgar

Atlantis, Aliens, and Other Fantasies

Every mysterious place attracts a huge number of enthusiasts, and the Bermuda Triangle is no exception.

Lovers of mysteries have indeed produced a vast array of theories that aim to shed light on all the peculiarities associated with the Bermuda Triangle. Most of these theories are truly from the realm of fantasy.

For example, the theory about the lost continent of Atlantis is very popular. This mythical continent is allegedly emitting an antigravitational field that can disrupt the navigational systems of ships and airplanes to the extent that they sink or crash.

Many theories also entertain the possibility of time loops. According to these, the lost ships and planes are still sailing and flying, but in a different time.

Theories involving aliens are, of course, not missing. According to these theories, visitors from other planets have their bases in the Bermuda Triangle.

Whenever alien activities are randomly detected by a passing ship or flying airplane, these unlucky beings are immediately eliminated.

Scientific Theories

The Bermuda Triangle also keeps many legitimate scientists awake at night. They, too, have come up with a series of theories.

1.    Strong Storms and Large Waves

The Bermuda Triangle area has suitable conditions for the formation of strong storms. These are formed mainly in the northern and southern parts of the triangle.

The storms themselves can cause a series of tragedies at sea and in the air. They also play a significant role in creating truly massive sea waves, which no ship can withstand.

2.    Compass Malfunction

Compasses do not work in the Bermuda Triangle. Due to a specific magnetic anomaly, they do not point towards the magnetic pole, but north. This could have confused more than one ship captain or airplane pilot.

3.    Water Whirlpools

Water whirlpools are commonly formed in the Bermuda Triangle. They affect not only the water surface but can also have effects in the air.

Thus, whirlpools are among the possible causes that could be behind a series of disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle area.

Is It Even a Mystery?

Voices are increasingly asserting that the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is just a big media bubble. Although the number of disappearances in this area is higher than elsewhere, there is also much denser traffic.

However, not everyone is satisfied with this statement, perhaps because it would mean another mystery has been solved. And a world without mysterious forces is boring for many people.