The phenomenon of Escape Games. Which themes are the most popular?

The phenomenon of Escape Games. Which themes are the most popular?

When the first escape rooms arrived in the Czech Republic, they were said to be for oddballs. However, within a few months it was shown that the opposite was true.

Today, thousands of people search for a way out of rooms filled with riddles, ciphers, and puzzles on various themes, and more and more companies are using them as part of their team building activities.

There is a diverse range of themes. Which ones do people like the most?

The themes of escape rooms are very diverse and the experiences unforgettable. Try asking someone who has already completed one, how they liked it. Most likely, they will confirm this truth.

Everyone can play, from children to seniors. It's a great fun that exercises brain cells and is also affordable. Your goal is clear.

Solve the given task and escape from the room. Work as a team, involve your logic, wit, and imagination as you would do in your company when completing an important work task.

When you find a theme that is appropriately focused for your team, success is guaranteed.

Computer games as a model

Escape rooms are inherently based on computer games, where the player is locked in a room and must explore their surroundings and figure out how to escape.

Inspiration for the themes of the games can also come from various adventure movies, books, etc. Consideration is given to the specifics of the location where the game is created. Sometimes you escape from a prison cell, other times from a space station, or return to the Middle Ages.

Within a limited time limit, you can become James Bond or Indiana Jones. Everything in the game is complemented by theme-based sounds, lighting and other multimedia effects for an even greater player experience.

Atmosphere is Key

Escape rooms can have the best theme in the world, but if it's not properly executed and the story is not well-crafted, it can be a flop. That's why game creators invest so much time and money into creating perfect and realistic sets for their escape rooms.

Rooms are constantly being improved and the latest technologies are used. People love to be scared, so many escape rooms take place in prison cells, psychiatric clinics, scary laboratories, and haunted houses.

You can also venture into ancient Egypt, follow the Templars, or trace the footsteps of inventors.

Popular Themes of Escape Rooms

It's lucky that there are so many options and themes for escape rooms. At least people have a lot to choose from. However, some are more popular than others.

Prisons, wars, and agents

The environment of prisons, underground rooms, or atomic bunkers are generally very popular.

People want to experience what it's like to be in prison or at war, but of course they would rather do so in a game than in reality. The task in these cases is quite clear. Get out!

Ghosts and the supernatural

People absolutely love ghosts, the supernatural, and various mysteries. These games provide the right adrenaline rush. Believe me, you will sweat a lot while uncovering the mysteries of a haunted house full of frightening spirits.

Can you uncover the fascinating mystery of a family that mysteriously disappeared? Some games take place in complete darkness, where you can only rely on each other and yourself.

Historical themes

History has always been popular and nothing can take it down. You can search for the secrets of alchemists, discover the mysteries of ancient Egypt, find out what secrets Archimedes had, or explore the fascinating Middle Ages.

Time-themed themes

When it comes to escape rooms, the creativity of the creators is essentially endless. Time-themed ones offer players the opportunity to travel back in time to various periods of history. Such rooms often combine new technologies with old ones to create a unique experience.


Alternative to a Room: A Trunk Full of Secrets

Not everyone wants to be locked in a room and it may also be difficult to gather a group of employees in one place. As an alternative, a mobile escape game is offered.

Although it takes place in your office, the storyline will immerse you in the game so much that you forget that you're not locked up anywhere. The Escape Box will come right to you.

Solve all the traps, puzzles, and riddles. You have limited time.

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