Pirates of the Pacific - Scavenger Hunt Activity

Pirates of the Pacific - Scavenger Hunt Activity

In the Treasure Hunt game titled Pirates of the Pacific, corporate teams become pirate crews, exploring 24 islands brimming with treasures during their voyage.

The primary goal of the crews is to gather the maximum amount of lost treasures of pirate captain Chatty Servéz.

If you choose to play the virtual version of the game, we recommend setting aside 2 hours for the event. However, if you decide to lead your crew in search of treasures in the real world, be prepared for 3 hours of fun.

Pirate Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt is a GPS game where players or teams navigate with tablets or mobile phones in a city, in nature, around a hotel, or convention center. They search for treasures placed in the terrain, answer questions, or complete various tasks.

A key differentiator from games like the Challenge Tour and Mystery Trail is the system of displaying treasures on the map and, importantly, the ability to strategize gameplay.

Players earn points for correctly answered questions. The main goal of the game is to visit as many treasures as possible, answer as many questions correctly, and score the most points.

Pirate Virtual Escape Game

The game can also be launched virtually on a computer screen.

In this version, players don't see the treasure map and communicate with crew members through communication programs like MS Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet.

Questions are displayed one by one in a precise order on the screen.

How challenging is the game?

Expect up to 24 treasures of medium difficulty. You'll encounter graphic, textual, and mathematical treasures. Fans of ciphers, rebuses, and puzzles will be thrilled

The game is suitable for both experienced players and beginners who can make a significant impact in the final evaluation.

It can also be organized for large groups of several hundred players. The game is also infused with a subtle pirate humor.

A Rum-Soaked Tale

You find yourself on a ship anchored at the Island of the Undying. The entire Pacific pirate fleet has gathered here, heeding the call of the legendary Captain Chatty Servéz, spending the last years of his life here.

All crews are anxiously awaiting the captain's speech when eight native savages bring your ailing leader on a stretcher and set him down on the deck of his schooner:

"Welcome, Pirates from all across the Pacific. As you see, I, your captain, am now old, and death will soon claim me. But you still have plenty of time to realize my grand plans. The Pacific is full of treasures that can be seized to amass vast wealth. Whoever leads the most successful crew will, after my death, gain dominion over the entire Pacific."

Adventure-filled Treasure Hunt

Do you love adventure, romance, and challenges? The modern team-building activity, Treasure Hunt, is sure to entertain you. Enjoy both the outdoor and virtual versions.

Don't hesitate to contact us and book the date for your corporate event in advance.

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