Quiz Hunt - Scavenger Hunt Team Building Activity

Quiz Hunt - Scavenger Hunt Team Building Activity

Can you imagine a game that blends a trivia quiz with adventurous treasure hunting? A game that hones strategic thinking, decision-making abilities, and time management?

Welcome to Quiz Hunt, a competitive team based program suitable for both small and large groups.

Team Competition for Corporate Events

Treasure Hunt offers a dynamic competition where teams utilize tablets with a map app to hunt treasures on the ground.

Teams view treasure locations on their devices, and their objective is to gain as many points as possible by correctly answering questions.

Quiz Hunt with a Storyline

This is the most civil and universal game we offer. Although designed with a gentle touch, to ensure players aren’t deprived of fun, we've intertwined the questions with the character of a class teacher.

What kind of treasures can you expect? From tricky questions and puzzles to knowledge based inquiries, Quiz Hunt provides a broad spectrum of questions for everyone.

Interactive Guide

If you opt for the outdoor version of the game, allocate approximately 2.5 hours. We can position the game in any location, whether you're having a corporate event in the city center or in nature.

Thanks to this game, competitors can discover the most intriguing places in a given area. Each treasure is a hidden gem, waiting to be uncovered.

Virtual Game

The game can also be played virtually. In this case, 75 minutes will suffice.

Who is the Game Suitable For?

Due to its varied content, the Quiz Hunt game is suitable for everyone. If you have a sense of humor, are competitive, experienced with escape games or quizzes, this game is just for you!

Game's Backstory

Welcome to the most prestigious school ever! Under the watchful eye of the renowned teacher, Ms. Knowitall, you'll be tested on your knowledge and skills. Can your study group outperform the rest? We'll find out in class, on field trips, and excursions.

The team that earns the most points with correct answers will get the chance to represent the class in a prestigious global quiz competition.

Is your study group ready?

Team Building Activity: Quiz Hunt

Quiz Hunt is a blend of trivia quiz and adventurous treasure hunting. Whether you play outdoors or online, you can expect fun, adventure, and a modern team competition.


  • Who is the Quiz Hunt designed for? The game is designed for all age groups and interest categories.

  • How long does the game last? The outdoor version takes about 2.5 hours, while the virtual version is approximately 75 minutes.

  • What do we need to play? For the outdoor version, you'll need a tablet or phone with a map application installed. For the virtual version, a computer or mobile device with internet connectivity will suffice.