How to ensure a smooth running of a virtual conference?

How to ensure a smooth running of a virtual conference?

Virtual conferences are an increasingly popular way to organize various seminars, meetings or negotiations cheaply and efficiently.

However, in order to keep everything running smoothly, a number of things needs to be arranged.

Author: Tomáš Bajgar

Communication today takes more forms than in times not so long ago. The reason is, of course, the internet. Today, the worldwide web provides us with communication options such as e-mail, discussion forums, or the increasingly popular social networks.

However, none of these forms is suitable for holding various corporate or interest meetings. For this kind of communication it is necessary to create a much more sophisticated background, namely a virtual conference.

It costs far less money

A traditional conference is very demanding in terms of finances. You need to provide relevant facilities, suitable premises and also get all the participants to the destination.

Ultimately, it is quite an expensive event, but thanks to modern technology it can be made considerably cheaper. It is enough to simply move everything to a virtual environment.

However, even in this case it is not possible to start everything without preparation. Fortunately, it is not as financially and logistically demanding for a virtual conference as it is for a traditional one.



  1. Technology - the alpha and omega is, of course, technology. If it does not work as it should, the conference will not be able to take place at all. Therefore, each participant should not only have a sufficient quality headset with a microphone, but also an internet connection. 

    Lighting should also be thought of, especially in home conditions. Therefore, it is a good idea to conduct at least one major test before the event to see if everything works.

  2. Form - content is essential, but form must not fall too far behind either. The graphic representation should correspond with the content of the conference, so for example, it is definitely not appropriate to use colourful backgrounds or effects in a virtual hunters' convention.

    It is always necessary to choose the graphic design according to the topic.

  3. Moderator - the moderator belongs to the virtual conference without a doubt. It is he who leads the whole discussion and monitors whether all participants are active. He also closes and opens the discussions.

  4. Active breaks - an integral part of virtual conferences are not only lectures and discussions, but also shorter breaks. These usually last no longer than fifteen minutes. This time can be filled with various activities.

    In their free time, participants can appreciate, for instance, a course on stretching stiff muscles or a virtual tour of artworks. Of course, there are many other possibilities.

They are about to be more and more frequent

The internet has a future and so do virtual conferences. Of course, their conduct is not hassle-free, everything needs to be perfectly planned.

Even so, they are much easier to implement than traditional conferences, not to mention the financial aspect. It is therefore to be expected that virtual conferences will become increasingly popular in the coming period.