The top 3 scariest places in the world worth visiting

The top 3 scariest places in the world worth visiting

There is a huge number of tourist destinations around the world, where literally millions of people go, especially during the summer months. For our people, the biggest attraction are mainly sunny beaches and wide sea.

However, there are places worth visiting from other reasons. For instance their creepiness or mysteriousness. However, those who like to have a controlled fear should at least think about visiting one of the following places.

Author: Tomáš Bajgar

1. The Island of the Dolls in Mexico

Most of us can agree that dolls are not usually very scary. However, this is not true in all cases. A good example is Mexico's Island of the Dolls.

The name in this case is not misleading at all. Indeed, this island is almost completely covered with various dolls, which mostly hang from trees. Just looking at this place makes one's stomach clench. 

The dolls, of course, did not appear on the island out of nowhere, they are hung there by the local people who believe that this is their way of protecting the surroundings from sinister forces. There is another legend associated with the island, that of a girl who drowned in the local river. Since then, it is said that sometimes cries can be heard from the island.

 2. The American prison of Alcatraz

Today, Alcatraz is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the USA. Located in the bay near San Francisco, it looks majestic at first glance. 

However, some of America's worst criminals were once held here, such as the infamous Al Capone, and it is said that no one has ever escaped from this prison.

Not surprisingly, it is situated on an island and any potential escapee would have to overcome treacherous sea currents and extremely cold water before reaching the mainland.

Moreover, Alcatraz is also said to be haunted. This is not a tourist trap, it is said to have been common in the days when the prison was still in operation. Many inmates have finished their path here and it seems that even in death they cannot get out of the prison.

3. Suicide forest in Japan

Japan is known for its distinctive culture, which is definitely worth exploring more closely. Unfortunately, suicides are also part of this culture, and they are much more common in the land of the rising sun than in other parts of the world.

It is not uncommon for a life-weary Japanese to go to Aokigahara, the forest of suicides, to meet his death. It's located in close proximity to Mount Fuji.

Every year, hundreds of bodies are found in the forest. It's a very disturbing place where no animals are said to live.

Sometimes a change is welcome

If you don't want to spend every summer in Egypt or Croatia and you are attracted by places shrouded in mystery, there is much to explore.

The three locations mentioned above are just a small list of places to explore for a chilling experience.