Team building activities in Prague and the surrounding area

Team building activities in Prague and the surrounding area

The capital city of Prague is one of the most significant congress destinations in Europe. Corporate events are held here due to its easy accessibility, the quantity and quality of accommodation facilities, the diverse range of services, and also because of its beautiful historical center.

We have interesting ideas for outdoor events, indoor events, and even virtual events. Add some excitement to your stay in Prague with a thrilling team-building activity.

You can experience it in the historical center, in a hotel or office, or even in the surrounding area of Prague.

Where in Prague to organize a team building activity

It depends on the  type of the corporate event, the number of participants, and even the season. With indoor event preparation, there is no problem, a congress hall that is appropriately sized for the size of the participating group is sufficient.

In the case of outdoor events, other parameters come into play. Some outdoor programs that do not require the installation of physical props in the field can be realized directly in the historic center of Prague.

In the case of more adrenaline-fueled team building programs, it is better to move to one of the private area on the outskirts of Prague.

Tips on locations around Prague

  • Hrad Točník - a medieval historical site located approximately 30 minutes from Prague. The location is suitable for more representative events with a larger budget and for larger groups of participants. However, it's necessary to use less exposed visiting days, closing days, or dates outside of the tourist season. The location is suitable for programs such as Castle Breakout.

  • Legner Hotel Zvánovice - a nice hotel with its own natural area and congress facilities. It is located about 20 minutes from Prague. The location is suitable for medium to large groups of participants. We recommend programs such as Like James Bond for this location.

  • Toulcův dvůr - an ecological education center located on the outskirts of Prague. The location is suitable for craft and experience programs. It's an excellent place to carry out the program Building Insect Hotels.

Tips for outdoor activities in Prague

  • Treasure Hunt Praha - Treasure Hunt, also known as Scavenger Hunt, is a sophisticated team competition in which groups of participants search for treasures in the form of interesting questions and tasks placed at the most significant historical landmarks in Prague.

    Corporate teams are equipped with GPS tablets with the TerraHunt map application. This program does not require any knowledge or physical fitness of the participants.

    Each team moves around Prague at its own natural pace and answers questions directly in the field.

  • Treasure Hunt with a story - a themed version of Treasure Hunt, called Treasure Hunt with a story, is also available, in which participants solve codes, rebuses, and puzzles set in a story. 

    The treasures are not directly tied to specific locations, and the game can be placed in any part of Prague according to client requirements. Popular locations include Stromovka, Vysehrad, Letna, or the area around the location of the corporate conference. 

    Themes include The Cases of Sherlock Holmes, Pirates of the Pacific, Amazing Race, The Rise of Coolman, Zombie Apocalypse, and more.

Tips for indoor activities in Prague

  • Escape Box - a team-based escape game for lovers of all types of Escape Games and Exit Rooms. This is a corporate version of the escape game where up to 50 participants (divided into 7 teams) can play at the same time.

    The game can be realized directly in the internal spaces of companies, in conference halls of hotels or in restaurants. True "escape gourmets" can enjoy this game during a boat trip on the Vltava.

    Escape Box is the only escape game that will come to you wherever you are.

  • Chocolate Day - the sweetest creative program in Prague. During the chocolate workshop, you will make chocolate pralines, draw on chocolate wafers, attend a short lecture and participate in a team competition. 

    It doesn't matter if there are only ten or several hundred of you. If you have the adequate space, this experience program can be organized anywhere.

Development of corporate team in Prague

Team spirit activities on the outskirts of Prague

Team building activities in Prague

There are a variety of options for teambuilding activities in Prague, and this article just briefly outlines some of them. For details on specific corporate programs, see the Outdoor events, Indoor events, and Online events sections.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly recommend an appropriate activity based on consultation.

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