The Best Navigation Apps

The Best Navigation Apps

Getting lost while travelling in unknown countries is not that difficult.

However, various navigation accessories that can be downloaded to our mobile phones or tablets can help us with this problem.

Which apps are among the best?

Author: Tomáš Bajgar

Getting to your destination using only signs is also possible, but why make it harder for yourself when you can make the job substantially easier.

All you have to do is download a suitable navigation app to your mobile phone, which will help you get wherever you want to go without unnecessary complications.

However, not every navigation app is of sufficient quality and has all the necessary features. That is why it is wise to focus only on the really good ones.


This is one of the most popular apps, but it is good to mention one significant flaw right at the beginning - it is intended only for drivers of passenger vehicles. Professional drivers don't get what they really need from Waze, namely the ability to plan a route even for larger vehicles with bigger tonnage.

On the other hand, one of Waze's strong points is the overview of the current traffic situation, including various road closures and traffic jams. It is even possible to find out where the police are lurking with radar and to adjust your driving style in time.

Waze does not, of course, suck this kind of information from its fingertips, but has it from drivers who report any complications on the road to the system.

Of course, it's also easy to plan a route from one point to another. The ability to choose only one stop between these points is slightly annoying, but it is nothing catastrophic.

It is worth mentioning the vocal street navigation, which is very practical and pleasant at the same time. The voice navigation can be switched to multiple languages. Waze is available for free.


If you don't mind paying a little over twenty Euros a year, you can try Sygic navigation. This can also be used for free, but with many limitations.

In its basic form, it provides two-dimensional maps and the ability to set your own route. This may be enough for some, but those who are on the road almost daily will appreciate the higher comfort. And that's what you get when you pay the aforementioned amount.

The full version of Sygic offers 3D maps, voice navigation and up-to-date traffic information. Very interesting is the rich database of addresses and points of interest, which makes finding the nearest accommodation or cheap petrol station quite easy.

This app is one of the most downloaded in the Central Europe, and no wonder! Not only is it available for free, but it also provides a really huge amount of information for free. And not only for drivers. Hiking and cycling enthusiasts won't get lost with this app either.

In this respect, is exceptional not only in Czechoslovakia, but also in the world of navigation. Of course, it is also possible to plan routes according to your preferences and voice navigation is also part of the program.

The selection is not complicated

Choosing the right navigation system is not as difficult as it might seem. While there are quite a number of quality apps, most of them are not chargeable or are at least available as demos. Thus, drivers can try them out at will without losing any money.