The Future of Gamification in Sales

The Future of Gamification in Sales

The Czech writer and painter Josef Čapek once aptly said, "Art is not about adapting to one reality, but competing with it altogether."

The use of gamification in sales has given many companies a competitive edge. Businesses have not only learned to respect gamification, but many have also embraced it as a friend.

But what are the trends and predictions for the e-commerce sector?

Current Reality

Over the past few years, the world of commerce for e-commerce has brought new and innovative ways to not only captivate but also retain customer attention.

Thanks to gamification, gaming elements and techniques have been combined with various areas of life, including business and sales.

The most common and popular gamification elements have become competitions, various rewards, points, and virtual badges, which motivate the end customer to interact with specific products or brands.

Trends and Predictions in E-commerce

Gamification experts estimate that with the development of further modern technologies in the field of gamification, shifts can be expected in the following areas:

1. Greater Customer Experience Personalization

It is expected that in the field of e-commerce, there will be a growing need for more intense personalization of the customer experience.

Simply put, the customer will need to be even more involved in the gamification process to be addressed specifically to them.

Algorithms will analyze customer behavior and offer them specific tasks and rewards based on their personal preferences and purchase history.

2. Augmented and Virtual Reality

Greater involvement of augmented and virtual reality is another gamification element that will play a key role in e-commerce.

Customers will be able to familiarize themselves with the brand and products using virtual elements, leading to their emotional connection with the product.

3. Increased Social Interaction

Another expected trend in e-commerce will be a greater connection with social networks.

This will allow customers to compete or collaborate in achieving a goal with friends, increasing not only the entertainment value of gamification elements but also customer engagement.

4. Emphasis on Social Impact and Sustainability

Gamification in e-commerce will pay more attention to positive social impact.

It is expected, for instance, that encouraging customers towards sustainable purchases or involving them in charitable activities will be on the rise.

E-shops on the Rise

Did you know that in the Czech Republic in August 2023, there were almost 51,000 e-shops, which is a three percent increase year-on-year?

Their expected turnover for 2023 is to be just under 223 billion crowns, which is almost 15 percent more than in 2022.