The Lure of Famous Treasures

The Lure of Famous Treasures

Chests full of gold, cups offering immortality, books with enigmatic contents. People have always talked about mysterious treasures awaiting the greatest daredevils and adventurers.

How do you feel about it? Do you long to reveal the secret of the Holy Grail or do you rather spend time guessing the location of the legendary El Dorado?

Search Underwater

One of the oldest secrets urging adventurers on voyages is sunken Atlantis. Plato wrote about this continent in his writings and described it in such a detail that many people started to believe in its existence.

According to Plato, an advanced civilization was supposed to live in Atlantis, but the whole empire was swept into the sea by some kind of, probably natural, catastrophe.

To this day, there are people searching for the original location of Atlantis and believing the remains of the most ancient civilizations can be found at the bottom of the ocean.

In modern times, the possible extraterrestrial origins of the Atlanteans are discussed and with it the probability of technologies hidden under the water so advanced that it is beyond our imagination.

No wonder this theory is worth exploring to many.

The Holy Grail and the Holy Spear

During the early Middle Ages, a number of Christian legends emerged dating back to the figure of Jesus Christ himself.

Legends say the Holy Spear is the instrument by which Christ's hip was pierced. According to a story, the centurion who stabbed Jesus was almost blind, and the blood splattering from Christ’s body healed him.

Many rulers and military leaders throughout history believed the spear would bring them victory in battles, or even immortality.

They set out to search for it all over Europe, and to this day several specimens that are believed to be Holy Spears are circulating around the world.

The legend of the Holy Grail is even better known. It appeared as early as the 6th century and gained strength during the Middle Ages, along with the glory of the legendary King Arthur.

According to legend, he was one of the holders of the Holy Grail, and this miraculous cup is said to have stood on the famous Round Table.

Originally a cup in which the blood of Christ was kept, it was later referred to as the cup used at the Lord's Last Supper.

The story of the Holy Grail kept almost disappearing in human history, only to always reemerge with new vigor. Arthurian legends have been replaced by romantic stories about knights searching for the Holy Grail, and wisdom and grandeur coming with it.

Richard Wagner brought it into the modern world in his operas - mostly in Parsifal – and his fascination was taken over by the Nazis, who longed for mystical artifacts.

In recent years, interest in this artifact has been sparked by the books Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, and especially the Da Vinci Code by the famous writer Dan Brown.

Looking for El Dorado

Along with exploring the world, new legends began to spread in the early modern period - and perhaps the most famous is the one about the American golden city of El Dorado. Many adventurers set out for the New World to find the city they had heard about.

Ancient indigenous civilizations allegedly had so much gold they built an entire city out of it. Well, if it was possible for a new continent to appear in the world that no one had any idea about, why couldn't there be a city of gold in its unexplored territory?

Nazi Golden Train

Even modern history has its legends about treasures. Rumors are circulating among people about a train full of Nazi gold to be hidden in an underground tunnel somewhere in Poland.

Many treasure hunters really believe in the existence of this train and make a great effort to find it.


An Adventure in Every Living Room

Most of the treasures we have written about here today are shrouded in mystery, and an expedition to them can be rather dangerous.

However, you can experience the excitement of an adventure during a well-built escape game, and even from the comfort of your home. So don't hesitate - a treasure hunt is waiting for you at the next mouse click!