The most favourite adrenaline sports

The most favourite adrenaline sports

Nowadays, one can choose from a wide range of interesting adrenaline sports. However, few are more popular with a wider audience. 

There are, however, some that are able to attract even individuals who have not been interested in this kind of entertainment until now. 

Author: Tomáš Bajgar

It's not the safest hobby in the world

Sport and health are closely linked. Those who regularly cycle, in-line skate or run can usually enjoy not only strengthened muscles, but also good stamina and, last but not least, good health. Aerobic sports in particular are a blessing for our body. 

And then there are the so-called adrenaline sports, which differ from the classic ones mainly because of their increased dangerousness. They often put ones health, sometimes even life, on risk. However, this is why they are increasingly popular.

When doing adrenaline sports, the direct participants experience maximum stress at first, only to eventually reach a state of intoxicating euphoria. The human body does not release so much adrenaline during basketball or ballooning.

There are many types of adrenaline sports. We will talk a little bit about the most famous ones.

1. Speed riding

Downhill skiing is very popular not only in our latitudes. However, it is not good enough for adrenaline lovers.That's why they usually focus on freeride skiing, which is basically downhill skiing in unknown terrain.

Like everything in the world, this form of fun can be improved, namely by a parachute. With this gadget, it is then already speed riding.

With the help of a parachute it is possible to jump higher, or gain speed. This is not for amateurs. If you want to try something like this, you should not only have a sufficient amount of experience in freeride skiing, but also know how to use a parachute. Of course,  it is a very dangerous discipline even with these skills.

2. Wingsuit flying

Wingsuit flying is mainly for lovers of skydiving. Those interested in practicing this sport must of course have some experience.

However, even this is not enough, you also need to go through special training and only then it is possible to dress up in a wingsuit. Unlike a parachute, it is actually possible to manoeuvre this suit very efficiently and reach incredible speeds. 

3. Street luge

Probably every lover of the Winter Olympics is familiar with ice luge races. It is a very attractive, but at the same time quite dangerous discipline, during which the competitors have to reach the finish line at breakneck speed on an ice track. 

Street luge is basically the summer equivalent of the aforementioned race. For obvious reasons, it does not use a traditional sledge.

It uses a special board, which in many ways resembles a skateboard. Even in this case it is possible to reach very high speeds, which exceed 150 km/h.


It is not for everyone

Although adrenaline sports are becoming more and more popular, they are definitely not a hobby for the masses. On the contrary, many disciplines are often only enjoyed by a few hundred people in the world

It's quite logical. Not everyone has the nerve to take such risks, and you need to be in top condition and have a lot of experience in other, often slightly less dangerous sports.