The Witcher: Blood Origin

The Witcher: Blood Origin

The Witcher TV series is set to receive its third season this year, but it's not expected to arrive on television screens until mid-year.

Fans who are eagerly awaiting the next adventures of Geralt of Rivia can pass the time with a spin-off called The Witcher: Blood Origin.

Author: Tomáš Bajgar

It's not worth it

Fans of the book series who haven't forgiven the showrunners for the significant plot twists in the second season can safely skip this new creation from Netflix, at least if they don't want to pour salt into their wounds.

However, even those who are capable of forgiving the original series for some of its shortcomings or even enjoyed it may not be able to fully absorb Blood Origin without consequences.

Source Material

The series is not directly based on Andrzej Sapkowski's book series, which is good on one hand as there is nothing to ruin, but on the other hand, the creators had the opportunity to completely unleash themselves from the chains. And today we know that they used this chance to the viewer's detriment.

The new Witcher takes place roughly a millennium before the events of the books, or the series.

It tells the story of a group of seven mismatched heroes who stand against a newly formed empire with the goal of completing their revenge and ideally saving the world.

We will witness the Conjunction of the Spheres and the birth of the first Witcher. It sounds quite good so far, but the opposite is true.


If someone expects Blood Origin to be as high-quality as its TV sibling, they will be very disappointed.

It's more or less a B-grade or C-grade affair that doesn't make any sense. We don't expect any tension, progression, or good character work here.

The plot drags and bores. The show seems entirely generic and except for a few names and events, has nothing to do with the original, let alone the brilliant book source material.

Acting Performances

The heroes are dull, and the villains are ridiculous. Their motivations make no sense, and there can be no talk of chemistry between the main protagonists.

Even Michelle Yeoh, who is usually excellent, appears to be a supporting player here.

There is no anticipation of good action scenes. Although they are slightly better than the rest of the show, this is not a compliment, merely an observation.

Choreographers didn't go all out this time, and the chaotic camera doesn't add much either.


Looks like Xena

As far as visual processing is concerned, at times, Blood Origin resembles 90s classics like Xena or Hercules. But since then, we have moved somewhere. However, the creators of this series somehow forgot to tell this.

At the latest, when information about production problems began to leak out, it became clear that this would not be a masterpiece. Obviously, they were saving money wherever they could.

And they also cut corners. Originally, it was supposed to be a six-episode, not a four-episode miniseries.

This project did not turn out too well, but given the trailers and the production difficulties, no one in their right mind could have expected anything groundbreaking.

In the end, it turned out even worse, and The Witcher: Blood Origin is rightfully considered the bottom of television entertainment today.