Treasure Hunt Jedovnice - Team Building Event in Moravian Karst

Treasure Hunt Jedovnice - Team Building Event in Moravian Karst

If you're looking for an original and entertaining team building experience, then the Treasure Hunt in Jedovnice is the activity for you. This GPS game will guide you through the picturesque landscape at the gateway to the Moravian Karst, enchanting spots in Jedovnice.

With the TerraHunt gaming platform, you can hunt for up to 44 treasures. Prepare for an adventure filled with puzzles, ciphers, and fun tasks.

Jedovnice and Olšovec Pond

Jedovnice, a picturesque village in the southeastern part of the Czech Republic, serves as the gateway to the captivating Moravian Karst.

This region is renowned for its beautiful karst formations, caves, and abysses, as well as the Jedovnice trails.

The Treasure Hunt Jedovnice game takes place both in Jedovnice itself and around the Olšovec pond. If you aim to win, expect to walk quite a bit.

Attractions of the Moravian Karst

The Moravian Karst is a unique area in the Czech Republic. This karst region boasts incredible caves, such as the Sloupsko-šošůvské caves and the Punkevní caves.

Another significant site is the Macocha Abyss, a vast chasm that astonishes visitors with its beauty and dimensions.

The Punkva River canyon is another impressive site where visitors can enjoy beautiful views and explore the mysteries of the Moravian Karst.

Treasure Hunt Jedovnice

While the Treasure Hunt Jedovnice team building event won't take you deep into the karst caves, it can be an intriguing activity if you're staying at the Olšovec Camp or the Kůlna Guesthouse.

Test your skills in solving puzzles, ciphers, and rebuses to discover all 44 treasures hidden in the vicinity. Teamwork, strategy, and communication are the keys to success.

Whether you're part of a small team or a large group, the game is designed to provide hours of fun and laughter.

Team Game, Caves, and Bike Trails

Get swept up in the adventure that Treasure Hunt in Jedovnice offers. Embark on a journey full of fun and excitement with friends, colleagues, or family.

What's more, after the game, you might still have time to ride one of the legendary Jedovnice trails and explore more beauties of this captivating region.

Contact us and enjoy an unforgettable day in Jedovnice, discovering the wonders of the Moravian Karst.