Treasure Hunt Kroměříž - Team Building Event in a UNESCO Heritage Site

Treasure Hunt Kroměříž - Team Building Event in a UNESCO Heritage Site

Imagine walking through the alleys of Kroměříž, a Baroque city with medieval roots that is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Your mind is focused on one thing - finding treasures hidden in this historical city.

This is the scenario of the team building game Treasure Hunt Kroměříž, which offers a unique and exciting journey through history and culture.

Treasures of Historical Kroměříž

In this interactive game, players embark on a journey to find 41 treasures hidden in various locations in Kroměříž.

They start at the Main Square, continue through the Castle Garden, and end in the Flower Garden.

These sites have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1998. The players' journey is facilitated by the TerraHunt map app on a tablet.

The Best of Kroměříž

Teams of various sizes can participate, but they must take into account the opening hours and the entrance fee (approx. 100 CZK) to the Flower Garden.

The game lasts about 2.5 hours, providing ample time for participants to discover all the hidden treasures while enjoying the beauty and tranquility of Kroměříž.

Monuments of Kroměříž

Among the significant landmarks that you can visit during the game are the Archbishop's Palace and both gardens. In the Flower Garden, one of the city's most important monuments, you can find Titian's work "Apollo and Marsyas."

In the historical city center, you'll also find a number of valuable churches, including the Church of St. Maurice and the Church of St. John the Baptist.

Nearby Natural Attractions

If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can visit the Záhlinické Ponds nature park, located near Kroměříž. Here you can observe cormorants and beavers that have been introduced to the park.

Another interesting attraction is the Strž hydroelectric power station on the Morava River, where Kaplan turbines were used for the first time in the history of the Czech Republic.

Fun and Adventure with Treasure Hunt Kroměříž

If you are looking for a fun and relaxed way to spend time with your team or family, Treasure Hunt Kroměříž is a great choice. This game offers a unique combination of adventure, teamwork, and historical knowledge.

So don't hesitate, contact us, and experience the thrill of treasure hunting in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic!