Treasure Hunt Lednice - Team Building Activity in South Moravia

Treasure Hunt Lednice - Team Building Activity in South Moravia

We're thrilled to introduce you to the Treasure Hunt Lednice, an inventive team-building activity nestled in the picturesque Lednice-Valtice area, a UNESCO World Heritage site in South Moravia.

This outdoor escape game will guide you through the castle's park as you search for mysterious treasures and explore the enchanting landmarks of the area.

It's an experience prepared for both small and large teams and for everyone who wishes to savor the beauty of the most visited site in South Moravia. Get ready to immerse yourself in this mesmerizing adventure and create unforgettable memories with your team.

Treasure Hunt Lednice: A team building activity for companies

Treasure Hunt Lednice is a high-energy team competition, utilizing tablets and our special map application, TerraHunt.

During this outdoor escape game, you'll gather points for discovering and correctly answering up to 44 mysterious treasures hidden in the enchanting nature of South Moravia.

Every team must physically reach each location, turning this program into an interactive guide through the most captivating spots in the area.

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Treasure Hunt Lednice is a team building program that takes you into the heart of the Lednice-Valtice area, not only through virtual treasures.

The game can be complemented with physical activities right in the park, led by an experienced instructor who will engage with each arriving team and reward successful task completion with well-deserved points.

Captivating Lednice park and its monuments

During the Treasure Hunt Lednice, you will visit the most interesting monuments and natural beauty of Lednice and the castle park. You will move around the village itself, in the mysterious corners of Lednice Castle, and in the castle garden.

Traversing around the castle ponds, you'll journey deep into the estate. Most teams will visit the Minaret, and the most competitive teams won't resist treasure hunting at John's Castle.

You're in for simply the best of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Popular hotels and guesthouses in Lednice

If you choose Lednice for your stay, Treasure Hunt Lednice will be launched and concluded right at your accommodation.

Popular lodging options include Hotel Galant Lednice, Penzion Onyx Lednice, Penzion Včelařský dvůr, or Autokemp Apollo.

If you decide to just drive to Lednice for the program, then Treasure Hunt starts either in the town square in front of the town hall or directly in the castle park.

The starting point is always arranged individually, taking into account the number of teams.

Who is the game suitable for

Treasure Hunt Lednice is designed for both small and large groups and for everyone who wants to enjoy the splendor of the most frequently visited site in South Moravia.

The game will captivate each of our clients, regardless of age, nationality, or physical capabilities. We run the Treasure Hunt Lednice activity in either Czech or English.

Thanks to our ample supply of tablets, we can accommodate up to 250 participants at once. For larger groups, the game can be arranged using the mobile phones of the players themselves. So, the number of players is virtually unlimited.


Adventure awaits in South Moravia

Treasure Hunt Lednice is a dynamic team building activity that pulls you into the heart of the Lednice-Valtice area. This game is not only entertaining but also educational, acquainting you with the historical and cultural landmarks of the region.

Whether you're a small or a large team, this game is designed just for you. If you're seeking a way to boost team spirit while basking in the beauty of South Moravia, don't hesitate. 

Book your Treasure Hunt Lednice adventure today and let the breathtaking journey begin!

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