Treasure Hunt Pálava - Team Building Activity in the Land of Wine

Treasure Hunt Pálava - Team Building Activity in the Land of Wine

Imagine a magical combination of a team game, thrilling searching, and discovering the beauty of one of the most picturesque corners of the Czech Republic. That's precisely what the team building activity Treasure Hunt Pálava offers.

But what does such a game entail? And why should you head specifically to Pálava?

Team Building in the Pálava Protected Landscape Area

The Treasure Hunt Pálava team competition will take you on a journey full of fun and adventure in one of the most beautiful locations in the Czech Republic.

We have prepared an amazing experience for you, where you will explore the protected landscape of Pálava and search for hidden treasures scattered throughout the area.

You will use an intuitive map app on a tablet to help you navigate the terrain.

In the Kingdom of Vineyards and Ancient Monuments

Pálava, the gem of South Moravia, is known for its vineyards, rock formations, and rich history.

Among the most important highlights of the area are the ruins of Dívčí Castle, breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, the Nové Mlýny reservoir, and an educational trail.

Pavlov and Nové Mlýny Reservoir

Pavlov is a picturesque village located at the eastern foothills of the highest peak of Pálava, Děvín. The history of Pavlov dates back to 1046, and by the 15th century, Pavlov was the largest wine-making village of the Mikulov estate.

In the village, there are numerous significant monuments, including peasant farms, a baroque cemetery, the statue of St. Florian, 19 winemaking houses with cellars on Česká Street, the Church of St. Barbara, and the beautiful ruins of Děvičky Castle.

The Nové Mlýny Reservoir consists of three dam reservoirs: Mušovská, Novomlýnská, and in between them, Věstonická. These reservoirs were constructed in the 1970s to address annual floods and provide more space for agriculture.

A side effect was the creation of a beautiful, vast water surface that resembles an alpine lake. The upper Mušovská reservoir is dedicated to recreation, the middle one is a nature reserve with islets for bird nesting, and the lower reservoir serves for irrigation, fishing, and recreation.

The reservoirs are also an important wintering ground for Nordic geese, of which you can observe up to 30,000 in the winter, and for sea eagles, who also like to winter here.

Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunt Pálava is a team activity best played in teams of five. The main task is to earn as many points as possible by completing up to 30 different treasures.

The recommended time for the game is 3 hours, which is ample time for you to enjoy all the beauties of Pálava while experiencing the thrill of treasure hunting.

A Game for Everyone

Treasure Hunt Pálava is designed for anyone who wants to dive into an adventure, discover the beauties of South Moravia, and at the same time learn new things in a fun way.

You can choose whether you want to play the game as a full service with our guide and tablets, or if you'd prefer a more economical option where you play on your own mobile devices. In this case, you'll have to settle for an explanation via video.

Don't hesitate to contact us and book a date for your game.